The US likely to betray Israel in the United Nations.

The Arabs will ask the UN to vote for a Palestinian state on the 4th of June 1967 lines. The Obama ruled US might not use its veto.

Viva Palestine. Secretary General Ban ki -Moon in the The United Nations is likely to get the final support from Obama.

Alon Pinkas is a former Israeli consul in New York. He left the Likud alliance when He was not promoted as Israels next Ambassador to United Nations. Still Pinkas warnes the Benjamin Netanyahu government.

Pinkas warns that the Palestinians are playing a bigger game. What they want is the peace process they can depict as a complete failure a year from no. Than they can put their case to the International community .

Alon Pinkas

«They are banking on a failure will further weakening American support for Israel. Than they will go to the UN Security Council and ask for a Palestinian state on the 4th of June 1967 lines: An guess what: The US might not veto this», Pinkas asserts.

Source: Magazine Jerusalem Report.

My comment:

Since this UN vote has not taken place, we can not say for sure what will be the US stand. But it is not unlikely, that the Obama Administration will vote against the Islamic block, but not use the veto.

If the US do not veto such a resolution, it will be passed with a huge majority.

Than the Jewish people can be forced back across the «Auswich lines», where Tel Aviv will be within the range of rockets fire from the Judean Hills. There will be hardly 18 kilometers from the new missile ramps of Islamic terrorists, and the Mediterranean sea.

The prophetic word of the Bible says that the Jewish people will be betrayed by their closest allied. All nations will go against them when they have been re-gathered home in Zion.

The only once that will not betray the Jewish people are Evangelical Christians and the Messiah him self, Jesus of Nazareth. When they approach the end game of darkness around Jerusalem, He will return. Amen.

5 thoughts on “The US likely to betray Israel in the United Nations.

  1. LOL… here we go again.. NaZionists crying “victim”

    The “Jewish State” is the one who created the biggest Auschwitz Camp in the world where they apply their Nazi techniques on the Palestinians in Gaza!

    But since when does the world revolve around a Nazi state called Israel?


    1. Dear ATW

      Shalom, and welcome back to this site.

      There are two million Israeli Arabs living inside the state of Israel. The large majority of them Muslims.

      Where is your claimed to be «Nazi-state» of Israel?

      What you say is based on lies and wickedness.

      The two million Israeli Arabs elect their own leaders as members of Knesset, the Parliament of Israel. They have full citizenship in Israel, jobs and right to own properties.

      To the radical opposite, the Arab nations are our modern day «Nazi-states». They neiter allow Jews landing permits, nor tourist visas. An Arab who sells land to a Jew, have committed a capital offense against the spirit of Allah. He will be executed.

      This is the truth my Muslim friend.

  2. WOw ATW! I agree with the Israeli… As an american, this spells BAD NEWS for our country. Israel however is back in their land only because God has kept his promice to put them back. I fear the wrath of Gods judjement on the USA, but I fear for you even more…. read Ezekial 38 and 39 … Israel’s god has promiced to wipe out the armies who will soon be attacking… don’t be foolish, repent of your hatred and seek the God of Israel befor it’s too late.

  3. Hi.
    I’ve come across this story before.
    And i’ll say it again i think the the Obama Administration will vote for the Islamic block.
    it’s obvious that Obama want’s the destruction of Israel and if you’re a religious man then you know that what’s prophesized will one day come true and it’s getting closer.

    1. Dear Will.

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      Its painful for the Americans, to accept that even the USA will turn from friend to foe of Israel. God of the Bible permits this to happen for many reasons. One is to make the US Administration «hunters», that will force apostate and comfortable Jews out of the US, and back home to Israel. The Bible says that not a single Jew shall be left behind in the countries where He scattered them.

      The US is not the Jewish homeland. Five million Jews are not yet home in Eretz Zion. If they had all settled on the Mountains of Zion from 1967 onwards, than Judea and Samaria would not have had a Muslim majority today. Something to reflect on.

      The Jews in America, religious and Messianic`s alike, are still living in disobedience to their God

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