Arafat committed crimes against Arab Palestinians

When he rejected the peace plan of 1999, Yasser Arafat committed a crime against his followers. The PLO´s war path against Israel has since 1964 been a road towards destruction.

Bill Clintons bid to change the PLO failed. So will Barack Hussein Obama.

Too many, in their naïveté, think that US President Barak Obama’s recent pressure on Israel has left it with only two options: Progressing towards peace or continuing construction in Jerusalem. This is a grave mistake.

The president’s demands on Israel, precisely from the perspective of promoters of painful compromise, pose a deadly threat to chances of achieving an agreement.

In order to understand where Obama led us, one should bear in mind that we are already in the second decade of the so-called peace process, with results that are very «here and there». There is an interim agreement here, a cease-fire agreement there, disengagement, another withdrawal… it’s two steps back for every step forward.

When former prime minister Ehud Barak offered to divide Jerusalem in 1999, he was rewarded with a negative answer from Yasser Arafat. When former president Bill Clinton enhanced the offer and came up with an unprecedented plan, Arafat again said «no» despite having reportedly been warned by representatives of the Egyptian president and the Saudi Arabian king, before entering the White House, that rejecting the offer would be tantamount to committing a «crime against the Palestinian nation».

Arafat committed the crime.

Source: Jerusalem Post, Op-ed by Ben-Dror Yemini.

My comment:

The PLO was founded in 1964 for the purpose of working for the destruction of the state of Israel. In 1964 East Jerusalem and the so-called West bank was under Islamic occupation. So the motivation behind the PLO was surely not to liberate already «liberated land».

Mahmoud Abbas

Based on slaughter of Jews and capture and killing of International air travelers and tourists, the PLO finally managed to enter the White House as «peace makers».

The motive was one and the same: Lets see what the US President Bill Clinton is willing to offer us in our struggle to drive the Jewish people into the Mediterranean Ocean.

The same lack of discernment is missing in the US Administration today. President Obama is entertaining toughs and mafia-style terrorists dressed up in Gucci and Hugo Boss. The corrupt Arab Palestinian leadership is looting their supporters, and takes the International community with them down the road towards destruction.

The Islamic political game on Israel has since 1948 been a shame. Today, it has become the story of how cold blooded killers was transformed into «political correctness» with the help of Washington.

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