Anti-Israel protests disturb Jerusalem Quartet concert in London

Last week, five anti-Israel protesters interrupted a performance by the Jerusalem Quartet at Wigmore Hall in London.

The Jerusalem Quartet during one of their concerts

The mob was shouting abuse at the musicians as the concert was broadcast live on BBC radio.

The five protesters interrupted a lunchtime performance by the Jerusalem Quartet at Wigmore Hall in central London, shouting abuse at the musicians. The hecklers called them «cultural ambassadors for Israel», accusing the Jewish state of ethnic cleansing, apartheid and starving the people of Gaza, before they were ejected.

In Saturday’s Daily Telegraph, Award-winning music author and commentator Norman Lebrecht spoke out. «This is the work of an eccentric fringe, easily dismissed as the inevitable irritants of an open society. The incident amounted to an assault on an element of civilization… a sanctuary where people under pressure can find relief from the world and its woes», explained Lebrecht.

«There are few such places left,” he wrote. “I have heard mobiles go off in churches, synagogues, theaters and the House of Commons. Only at havens like the Wigmore are we free from the demands of rapid response… It was this precious freedom that the demonstrators set out to destroy», said Lebrecht.

In a statement, the Quartet said: «The demonstrators were ignorant of the fact that two of us are regular members of Daniel Barenboim’s West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, composed of Israeli and Arab musicians».

«It is destructive of our attempts to foster Israel-Arab relations for us to be the subject of demonstrations of the kind we suffered yesterday. We no more represent the government of Israel than the audience at the Wigmore Hall represented the government of the UK».

Source: Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

The assault on the Jewish population in Europe started with Nazis heckling public life in the early 1930-ties.

Political agitation`s and public disturbance soon led to violence in the streets, by youth misled to follow a Fascist agenda.

History repeats it self. Ironically, the streets of Rome and Berlin is not the epic center of the neo- Fascist uprising against anything Jewish. In Germany there are strict laws enforced to stop any such Nazi-activities in its infancy.

Liberal London has now become the tool used by the enemy of civilized culture, liberty and freedom. And the enemy is this time a rainbow alliance that includes leftist «peace» activists, promoters of Islamic Jihad  and European and British MP´s.

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