Obama will be remembered for letting Iran get nuclear bombs

There is every chance history will remember him as the American president on whose watch Iran became a nuclear-weapons state.

President Obama will let Iran go nuclear. A fresh arms race in the Middle East will bring fresh cash to the Pentagon.

This is a statement in an editorial in the newspaper «The Austalian». The publication have this message to the World:

President Obama has decided to abandon any serious effort to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. He is determined instead to live with a nuclear Iran, by containment and, if possible, negotiation. Obama and his cabinet secretaries still make speeches saying they will try to prevent Iran acquiring nuclear weapons. But if you look at the statements closely you see a steady weakening of resolve, a steady removal of any threat of any consequence for Iran.

The troubling realization that the Americans have given up, or are in the process of giving up, the fight to prevent Iran going nuclear is backed by the best informed security sources in Washington, London, Jerusalem and Canberra.

The most senior U.S. officials would agree that a nuclear-armed Iran represented an existential threat to Israel. Iran’s rulers not only deny the Holocaust, but have made militant anti-Americanism, confrontation with Israel and even anti-Semitism, defining ideologies of the Iranian state. Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has threatened to wipe Israel off the map.

By isolating Israel, by irresponsibly unleashing a global wave of anti-Israel sentiment, especially in nations which normally support Israel, Obama has made the possibility of Israel considering unilateral action against Iran much more unlikely and has made the potential cost to Israel of action against Iran much greater.

There is no chance Obama will produce a comprehensive Israeli-Palestinian peace deal in his first term in office, which is how he would like to be remembered by history. There is every chance history will remember him as the American president on whose watch Iran became a nuclear-weapons state.

Source: The Australian.

My comment:

The new US Foreign policy on the Middle East is to sit on all sides of the table.

Whoever needs weapons to protect them selves from Iran, just have to send a huge cheque to the Pentagon. Peace will not bring and end to the budget deficit. So an arms race in the Middle East is not the worst that can happen to America. Cash is king both in Hell and Washington.

The Obama Administration is a foreign policy disaster for both the American people and the World.

3 thoughts on “Obama will be remembered for letting Iran get nuclear bombs

  1. Very good article and I completely agree with your commentary. I travel the world for business and have been told by Italians, Spanish, Czech’s, Ukrainians, even muslims that this president has extinguished the world’s hope in America as the protector of Freedom. The new super powers are China and Russia. We are willing to give away our lunch money to avoid confrontation by the world bully! Thanks.

    1. Dear Mark.


      In the 1950-ties, 25 per cent of the global GDP was made in America. The US corporates were both the King makers and the kings. Today, the US is bankrupt. The Americans have lived for decades on credit, and are today totally in bondage to Saudi Arabia and China. They own the US debts, and most of American gold and property will end up in their hands when the US defaults. Russia has a new Tzar. We do not live by the rules of law and justice. He rules by the KGB methods, He learned as a KGB colonel.

      Welcome tho the age rule of the jungle. The anti-Christ will get them all to worship him as god.

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