Fired Catholic Bishop of Norway continued service in Germany

Bishop Georg Mueller was in 2009 silently removed from a Church in Norway because of his sexual abuse of a boy. He kept his salary from the Vatican, and continued in Papal service in Germany.

Catholic Bishop George Mueller continued his service in Germany after being removed from Norway where he had sexually abused a boy.

The leader of central Norway’s small Roman Catholic population unexpectedly resigned in May 2009 with little explanation. The Vatican on Wednesday said why: He sexually abused a boy in the early 1990s.

Bishop Georg Mueller (58) is born in Germany. According to a statement by the Rev. Federico Lombardi, the Vatican spokesman, Muller left his diocese in June, and has since undergone therapy and «no longer carries out pastoral activity».

In today´s Christian Daily «DagenMagazinet» this message from the Vatican is exposed as another lie. Not only did Bishop Mueller keep his monthly salary of 1.000 US. He has also been allowed into Papal service in Germany.

«Mullar has held around 10 public masses as a Catholic priest. He steeped in when we lacked someone to preach», explains press spokesman Roland Knillmann. He speaks on behalf of the Franziskus-Hospital just outside the city of Osnabrück northwest in Germany.

Source: The Norwegian Christian Daily «DagenMagazinet».

My comment:

To cover up a crime is a serious criminal offense. To hide and let the criminal continue his work secretly is hooliganism.

If the Pope in the Vatican do not want to open his archives, than the International community need to intervene and help the Catholics to get the truth about their Pontiff.

The Republic of Italy is the first and foremost political force that can strip the Pope of his diplomatic immunity. They can nationalize the Papal properties in Rome, and declare the Vatican statehood null and void.

If Italy do not want to do this, the International community can act by re-calling their ambassadors to the Vatican, and revoke their decision to accept the Vatican as an independent state.

Sooner or later the World will have to pay for their crime of establishing and supporting this state, that has based its survival on a mafia inspired priesthood.

Read more about the Vatican`s deal with the Fascists in 1929

Read more about the Pope who was exiled for 59 years, and rescued by Mussolini.

One thought on “Fired Catholic Bishop of Norway continued service in Germany

  1. How can you make the fox suddenly give up on the tasty chicken when he’s been eating it all his life? It’s like putting him on a strict vegan diet only to increase his never ending appetite.

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