An untouchable Pope run the risk of being arrested in the UK

British law`s`can be used to get the Pope arrested and prosecuted for the claimed cover up of sex crimes by pedophile priests.

The Pope can no longer hide among his cardinals. Truth and justice must prevail.

More than 10,000 people have signed a petition on Downing Street’s web site against the pope’s 4-day visit to England and Scotland in September. The visit of the Pontiff will cost U.K. taxpayers an estimated 15 million pounds ($22.5 million). The campaign has gained momentum as more Catholic sex abuse scandals have swept across Europe.

Although Pope Benedict has not been accused of any crime, senior British lawyers are now examining whether the pope should have immunity as a head of state and whether he could be prosecuted under the principle of universal jurisdiction for an alleged systematic cover-up of sexual abuses by priests.

Universal jurisdiction — a concept in international law — allows judges to issue warrants for nearly any visitor accused of grievous crimes, no matter where they live. British judges have been more open to the concept than those in other countries.

Lawyers are divided over the immunity issue. Some argue that the Vatican isn’t a true state, while others note the Vatican has national relations with about 170 countries, including Britain. The Vatican is also the only non-member to have permanent observer status at the U.N.

Then again, no other top religious leaders enjoy the same U.N. privileges or immunity, so why should the pope?

The U.N Appeals judge Geoffrey Robertson wrote a legal opinion on the topic that was published in the British newspaper the Guardian on Saturday.

«Unlike in the United States, where the judges commonly uphold what the executive says, the British courts don’t accept these things at face value», Robertson told The Associated Press on Saturday. «The Vatican is not a state — it was a construct of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini».

Source: Associated Press

My comment:

If the Pope in Rome can not be persecuted under International law, than the Pope of Rome is above the law.

Than the Pope has been elevated by men to be «God».

To give this kind of legal immunity to a religious leader is a disgrace. The Cardinal that is elected as Pope gets a license to commit and cover up any kinds of crimes.

The Pope of Rome do neither run the risk of being court arrested when he has completed his service. All the popes take the truth about their crimes with them down in the grave.

One thought on “An untouchable Pope run the risk of being arrested in the UK

  1. GOD BLESS the UNITED KINGDOM for standing up for the vulnerable, torn and scarred victims of sexual abuse.

    I’m sick to the pit of my stomach hearing about the pope and his pedophiles. I’ve read and heard the question repeatedly “Why has the pope Rat[z]inger remained mum on the complaints of sex molestation of young boys and girls, novices and nuns”? There is only one simple answer; we all know the old phrase: “BIRDS OF THE SAME FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER” – So why would Rat[z]inger be any different? The Bible says this: (Hebrews 4:13 Nothing in all creation is hidden from God. Everything is naked and exposed before his eyes, and he is the one to whom we are accountable). Please click on these links and watch the shocking and sad videos…> and please pray for all these victims.


    POPE UNDER THE GRILL – molestation of 200 deaf boys in the USA:



    They call themselves vicarius meaning “In the Place of Jesus Christ” – So if the pope is in the place of Jesus Christ, shouldn’t we then nail him to the cross upside down for the sins of all his pedophiles? And why not? The Vatican did that to our Lord JESUS CHRIST, the APOSTLES, the JEWS and a lot of innocent people around the world? Aren’t they the same seed mentioned in the book of Genesis that crucified our innocent Lord Jesus Christ and then turned the blame on the Jews? (Genesis 3:15 And I will put enmity Between you and the woman, And between your seed and her seed…) – Jesus Christ is NOT a ROMAN but HE is a BONAFIDE JEW, the OFFSPRING of KING DAVID, the only true MESSIAH, and the GOD of the universe.

    What audacity to say “In the place of Jesus Christ”? These pedophiles are absolutely NO MATCH for the Holy, Pure and Great God of Heaven and Earth. They can fool the Catholic people but know this, no one can ever take the place of JESUS CHRIST for HE IS GOD and the pope is NOT.

    Jesus WAS NOT and IS NOT a homosexual or a SEX MANAIC like the Vatican’s popes and priests, but rather Jesus is the SAVIOR for all mankind, He is the Holiest of the holies, the future KING OF ISRAEL and THE WORLD. HE created human beings to increase and multiply and replenish the earth ………(Gen: 1:28 God blessed them (Adam & Eve) and said, “Be fertile, increase in number, fill the earth, and be its master…) – And NOT to practice CELIBACY and then secretly rape boys and girls.

    The Vatican is a replica of hell on earth, Catholics wake up and heed to the voice of God saying “Come out of her my people” May the Lord Jesus Christ enlighten you all of HIS truth before its too late.
    And may the Lord also comfort those whose that mourn and with a broken spirit and may the joy of His peace and love enter your hearts…Amen.

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