President Obama walked out of a meeting with the Primes Minister of Israel to have dinner with his family. Joe Biden came 90 minutes late to a dinner in Jerusalem hosted by Netanyahu.

The two gentlemen in the White House is going to ruin America, cursing Israel.

Florida-based radio host and author Janet Porter got Friends of Israel to send 10.000 yellow roses to the Prime Minister of Israel. The gift was from American Christians who are upset by reports of Obama’s treatment of Binyamin Netanyahu in the White House last week.

Janet Porter is the president and founder of Faith2Action, which aims to turn people of faith into people of action to win what she calls the cultural war for life, liberty and the family. She has a nationally syndicated daily radio program, is a correspondent for Christian networks, and is the author of the book The Criminalization of Christianity

Porter went further in a column for the Web site WorldNetDaily, in which she expressed outrage that after US Vice President Joe Biden came an hour and a half late to a dinner inJerusalem hosted by Netanyahu, when the prime minister came to the White House, Obama left the meeting in the middle to go have dinner with his family.

«I never heard whether Prime Minister Netanyahu was at least offered table scraps from Obama’s table», she wrote. «No, those, I’m sure, went to the dog, who was treated far better than the leader off Israel».

The Prime Ministers Office in Israel has declined to receive the gifts of roses from America. The donors have been requested to give the flowers for charity.

Source: Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

The global media will not tell us the truth about the evil that rules in the White House of Washington.

The President is a half-Muslim, that has bowed down to the King of Saudi Arabia, and been crowned with a Islamic medal of honor in the Kings palace in Riyadh.

The Vice President is a Roman Catholic papist, that was caught using filthy language on mike to present the new US Health Care reform.

Now of these two gentlemen have the spirit that is needed to pay respect to the Jewish people and their leaders. Their language is glossy, and their acts of darkness and hypocrisy will be uncovered. Like the shabby treatment of Benjamin Netanyahu.