Obama to force Islamic «peace» on Israel without negotiations

Direct negotiations would be bypassed. The Americans will set up a framework and make both sides «able» to impose a final settlement.

Neither Barack Obama nor Hillay Clinton is interesting in a solution based on the truth.

U.S. President Barack Obama’s demands during his meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last Tuesday point to an intention to impose a permanent settlement. This means «peace» between Israel and the Palestinians in less than two years, political sources in Jerusalem say.

Israeli officials view the demands that Obama made at the White House as the tip of the iceberg under which lies a dramatic change in U.S. policy toward Israel.

Of 10 demands posed by Obama, four deal with Jerusalem: opening a Palestinian commercial interests office in East Jerusalem, an end to the razing of structures in Palestinian neighborhoods in the capital, stopping construction in Jewish neighborhoods in East Jerusalem, and not building the neighborhood of Ramat Shlomo.

Source: Israeli Newspaper Haeretz

My comment:

The US Administration is no longer interested in a peaceful solution based on the truth.

The previous US Presidents have told the Arab Palestinians to renounce violence, recognize the Jewish state of Israel, and abide in previous agreements by the two sides.

Thats all history.

Barack Obama and his advisers have changed the rhetoric. No longer is the killers in Hamas called «terrorists», but «militants». This is the first step towards calling them «gerilja soldiers», or even «freedom fighters».

Jewish property owners in Judea and Samaria was first denied the right to be called «citizens». Washington re-branded them as «settlers». Recently the global media has started to call them «illegal occupants» and «extremists».

Soon it will be Jewish teachers, scientists and farmers who are the «terrorists», that needs to be persecuted and punished. And the noble Islamic «freedom fighters» of Hamas that need our compassion and support.

Welcome to the days of preparation for the last anti-Christ that will force the Jewish people to make «peace» with wicked and evil people that can not be trusted.

5 thoughts on “Obama to force Islamic «peace» on Israel without negotiations

  1. Tonight 30 March 2010 is the Miraculous night of the Great Passover. Just as the Lord God of Israel protected His CHOSEN PEOPLE from the persecution of the wicked pharaoh, and miraculously brought them out of EGYPT into the promised land, may HE again protect every JEW on earth and the PROSELYTES from all the pharaohs of today.


  2. God has clearly warned with a command: TOUCH NOT MY ANOINTED AND DO MY PROPHETS (JACOB’S CHILDREN) NO HARM.
    [[ PSALM 105: v.13 – When they went from one nation to another, from one kingdom to another people,
    v.14 – He permitted no one to do them wrong; Yes, HE rebuked kings for their sakes,
    v.15 – Saying, “Do not touch My anointed ones, And do My prophets no harm.” ]]

    So those who are playing with ISRAEL is playing with fire to be grilled for eternity or in other words “deliberately fishing in the forbidden waters of God, only to be drowned to the depths of no return.

    HISTORY IS A CYCLE THAT NEVER DIES BUT ALWAYS REPEATS ITSELF. How many previous HAMANS AND PHARAOHS, KINGS, AND RULERS of the earth have succeeded in annihilating THE PEOPLE OF GOD and wiping ISRAEL off the map?? The answer is NONE. Instead they themselves have been destroyed to the point that their generations have been CUT OFF, and their lands remain wasted with drought and famine and parched grounds since the millenniums. But, on the other hand, the JEWS continue to multiply, to bloom like flowers in the gardens, and meadows, and to replenish the earth just like God said to Adam & Eve in – [[Genesis: 1.28 – And God blessed them: and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, …]] – And so they (the Jews) and all God’s people continue to do so because the PROTECTIVE HAND of the HOLY ALMIGHTY YAHWEH is upon them.

    The bottom line: Despite all the forthcoming terror, the Jews will continue to EXISTS and so will ISRAEL THE JEWEL OF THE EARTH, THE APPLE OF GOD’s EYE, THE EARTHLY KINGDOM OF MESSIAH YAHSHUAH(JESUS), THE LAND OF THE ALMIGHTY LOVING GOD(YAHWEH) AND THE PROPHECIES OF THE BIBLE WILL BE FULFILLED. [[Psalm 122: 6-Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, they shall prosper that love thee. V.7 Peace be within thy walls and prosperity within thy palaces. V.8 For my brethren and companions sake, I will now say PEACE BE WITHIN THEE…. ]] – EVERYONE PLEASE PRAY FOR THE JEWISH PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEACE OF ISRAEL.

    !! BEWARE !! The JEWISH MESSIAH is coming VERY SOON, this time not like the “baby in the manger” but like the “FEROCIOUS LION” to devour ISRAEL’S ememies and to SAVE his KINDRED… for HE IS THE LION OF JUDAH, THE PROTECTOR OF (ISRAEL) …. HALLELUYAH TO THE COMING KING OF ISRAEL!!

    1. Dear Bethany.

      Shalom, and happy Passover with Jesus as the passover lamb of God.

      The Lion of Judah will not only be the king of Israel. He will be the king of mankind, ruling the Earth will an iron rod. People who have surrendered to the Jewish Messiah, have enlarged Israel. We have been grafted into the wine. On His Return, we will be One people.

      Praise Jesus. Amen.

  3. The Nazi’s and the Muslims joined together during WWII. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
    This relationship has been brought in to full force with the election of Obama

    1. Dear Txlady 706

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      The Nazis and Islam have the same goal. A World free of Jews, a bid to prove that the Bible is a false revelation. The fight against the Jews, is also a fight against the Lamb of God, Jesus the Messiah. Because He is the Word of God that became flesh. Jesus is the creator of the Jewish people, and the guardian of the Jewish nation. He came to Zion, and He will return to Zion. Amen.

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