Defense Minister Ehud Barak tells Obama to stop pushing Israel

Washington is not the protector of the Jewish people. «We are the ones who have exclusive responsibility for Israel’s fate and future».

Defense Minister Ehud Barak askes Obama to chose between Islaic lies and the truth about the secutity of Israel.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak said on Sunday that while Israel must continue cultivating its strategic relationship with the US, Israel alone is responsible for itself, its safety and the future of the Jewish people.

«We are the ones who have exclusive responsibility for Israel’s fate and future and only we will decide on issues of national importance that affect Israelis and the Jewish people», Barak said in a clear message aimed at the White House.

During a briefing with military reporters just after he sat with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and the inner ministerial forum known as the «septet», Barak said Israel was at a «delicate and loaded diplomatic juncture» due to the crisis with Washington. He stressed that Israel could never «lose touch» with the importance of the relations and the ability to act in harmony with the US.

«Israel needs to protect itself… and to do that we need cooperation with the entire international community, but above all to strengthen our relationship with the US», he said. «Our relationship with the US is a pillar and cornerstone for the nation’s security.»

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

Ehud Barak knows more that anyone the price that needs to be payed for peace. He is the highest decorated officer of the Israel Defence Forces (IDF).

During the so-called «Oslo process», Barak offered the Arab Palestinians more that they had demanded for, in a bid to get peace in the Middle East.

He offered them a statehood that would include Gaza, 97 per cent of the West Bank and East Jerusalem as their future capital.

If the Arab Palestinians wanted peace, and not the destruction of Israel this was the time to raise the white flags, and open the bottles of Champaign.

But the Arab Palestinians again chose war. The forces of Islam again tried to demolish the full Jewish state with a Islamic surge of suicide bombers sent into cities like Haifa and Tel Aviv.

There can be no true peace outside of the truth. Islam want to see Israel gone. The Middle East war is a spiritual war between god of Islam and God of the Bible.

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