Barack Obama has given more fuel to enemies of Israel

«The Obama administration has given encouragement to Israel’s enemies, turned more of Israel’s friends against it, and potentially put every Israeli’s life in a little more danger».

David Horowitz feels President Obama has crossed the read line and harmed the state of Israel.

This is a comment by Chief editor David Horovitz in Jerusalem Post. Horovitz feels that
the US Administration deliberately inflated the Ramat Shlomo issue into a public crisis of faith in its ally.

«It is the staggering overreaction of the Obama administration, and most certainly and centrally of the president himself, that is the more shocking, counterproductive and potentially dangerous aspect of the current crisis».

The editor continues:

«Most Israelis believe that prime ministers Rabin, Barak and Olmert traveled a great deal more than half way down the road in their efforts to reach a viable peaceful accommodation with the Palestinians. While the Israelis feels those efforts is foundered on the rock of abiding Palestinian rejection of our very legitimacy here, the Obama presidency evidently feels differently. It is wrong and it ought to know better. But this administration apparently still believes that Israel had the capacity to go further».

The American response emboldens Palestinian and wider Arab extremism. If America publicly brands Israel worthy of such bitter condemnation, then the worst of the extremists can confidently expect their violence against Israel to be granted still more indulgence internationally than it already enjoys.

Source: Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

David Horovitz is usually were careful when he comments on the sensitive US-Israeli relations.

But the US-pressure that started with the visit of US Vice-President Joe Biden, has been just to much to handle.

Horovitz interviewing Obama before he became US President.

For the first time Horovitz signalize that Barack Obama might not be a friend of Israel. To the very opposite the Jewish people can not put their trust in this man.

The challenge for Israel is that there will be more and harsher pressure down the pipeline. President Obama might be re-elected, and give the state of Israel another seven years of pressure and pain.

Its time for Israel to put the trust in our God. The Bible says all nations shall raise against Israel. That surely includes the US.

The return of the Jewish Messiah is not only the only hope for Israel. He will come on a rescue mission for all of us. Evil and wickedness will increase to level never seen before in the history of mankind, just before the end of the age.

Behold. Jesus the Messiah is coming back to finish His Fathers business. He has saved those who believe in Him, and He will return to save Israel. Amen.

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