The Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas now wants 2.000 terrorists out of Israeli prisons before He will talk indirectly about «peace».

Mahmoud Abbas do not want to talk about peace with anyone, but only listen to his own Islamic war music. Hoping for another Pan-Arabic war on Israel.

When the US presidential envoy George Mitchell went to Amman, He was met with new demands from the PA-leader with base in Ramallah. The demand of the release of 2.000 terrorists is not only a new demand. It is also twice the number demanded by Hamas for handing over kidnapped soldier Gilead Shalilt.

Mahmoud Abbas knew quite well that even for Shalit, Israel had refused to hand over to Hamas 323 hard-core prisoners. And so another Mitchell mission ran aground.

Our sources report that Palestinian delaying tactics aim at using the Obama administration’s willingness to squeeze Israel for more before committing themselves to talks.Netanyahu told the AIPAC conference that Israel had ceded plenty for peace talks and it was time the Palestinians to starting giving something too.

Source: DEBKAfile Exclusive Report

My comment:

I do not know if this report brings the full truth. But this is another example that highlights the frustration felt by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He recently said:

«The Palestinians leaders are presently sitting up in a tree, refusing to come down and talk. We have put up ladders. But every time we put up a higher ladder, the Palestinians climes higher up in the tree. Today they raises demands for talks that has never been raised in the passed 40 years of peace negotiations. They simply do not want peace».