«If we blink on Jerusalem, we will loose everything»

«The subject of building in Jerusalem is unconditional, and if we blink we will lose everything».

The Prime Minister and his deputy stays united against the pressure from President Obama.

This is the words of Silvan Shalom, the deputy prime Minister of Israel. Shalom is also sometimes a rival to Benjamin Netanyahu in the Likud party.  On Thursday Shalom told Israeli Radio that he «completely supports» the prime minister and added that the Jewish people’s historical bond to Jerusalem is unbreakable.

The US Congress is turning uneasy about the heavy leaning on Netanyahu. Some 300 members of the US Congress signed a letter delivered to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Thursday affirming congressional support for Israel and urging the Administration to settle its differences with Jerusalem quickly and quietly.

Meanwhile, a poll taken early this week by the Smith Research Center for The Jerusalem Post shows that just 9 per cent of Israelis think Obama is pro-Israel, while 48 per cent view him as pro-Palestinian.

This marks a slight three percent rise since a similar poll last June placed Obama’s rating among Israelis at 6 per cent, the lowest number for any US President since Israel was founded in 1948. The poll of 500 Israelis was conducted on Sunday and Monday, before Obama turned up the heat on Netanyahu in the Oval office.

Source: ICEJ.org

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