Israel snubs Obama`s plan of being honored by the Arab League

Obama wanted the Arab League summit in Libya Saturday to honor him as a great peace maker.

Benjamin Netanyahu did not jump when the US President wanted. Principles and truth must prevail.

President Barack Hussein Obama demanded that the Israeli cabinet should surrender to the Saudi Arabian «peace plan» for Jerusalem and the Middle East by Saturday. That would be just in time for the Arab League summit in Libya yesterday afternoon.

The reason for the sudden pressure on Israel, is that the Obama Administration wanted to report to Riyadh and give the Islamic «peace makers» something to work on in Libya this week end.

After receiving the Nobel Peace Price in December, Obama is in need of a «break through» in the Middle East.  Has Israel given up its Biblical right to build in a liberated and united Jerusalem, the US President would have been greeted as a great man of «peace» by his Muslim half-brothers.

Obama sincerely and deeply wants to be honored by Islam.

The Israeli Cabinet did not reply in time as Obama had demanded. The Jewish nations do respect the Friday Sabbath, and this week end Israel is preparing for passover on Monday.

Source: Multiple media sources.

My comment:

The US has for 100 years ruled in Latin America using puppet style regimes to get their political will done.

Obama bows down to the King of Saudi Arabia, receive an honor of Islam.

Since the US economy collapsed in 2009, the political power seems to have been shifter from Washington to Riyadh.

After the US President bowed down to the King of Saudi Arabia, the US has effectively abandoned is Middle East policy of the last 40 years. And that has been built on support of Israel.

The US has fewer puppets in Latin America today. And a debts ridden USA has it self become a puppet of Saudi Arabia, with its trillion US dollar surplus oil economy.

This is the irony of the World history. A great nation that fell into the sin of love of money, is now reduced to a nation of debts, immortality, lies and cheating on God of Israel in regards to Jerusalem.

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7 thoughts on “Israel snubs Obama`s plan of being honored by the Arab League

  1. Taqiyya and the American Mosque:

    “Sheik Tayseer Rajab Tamimi, chief Islamic judge of the Palestinian Authority, says that Jews have no history in the city of Jerusalem: They have never lived there and the Temple never existed. His claims would be laughable if they weren’t so common among Palestinians…..

    As President Obama gears up to propose yet another plan for Israeli-Arab peace, he would do well to notice that top Palestinian intellectual and political leaders deny basic truths.

    Jerusalem is the holiest city in Judaism, mentioned more than 600 times in the Hebrew Bible. Three times a day, religious Jews face toward the city when they pray. At Jewish weddings, the couple shatters a glass to acknowledge Jerusalem’s still unfulfilled redemption. The Koran itself refers to Solomon’s Temple as a “great place of prayer” and the first Muslims referred to Jerusalem as the “City of the Temple.”

    1. Dear Al Faarooq, my enemy I would like to bless.

      Shalom, good to have you back. I will not allow you to promote war and violence. God is love.

      We had a question to you. Since the Muslims believe in Virgin Mary. Who is the Father of Jesus?

    1. Dear J.E


      This article is written on my own account. Obama pushed a Saturday deadline on Israel, just before Passover. Saturday also being the Jewish Sabbath, the US Administration was in a hurry.

      Why did Obama set up this urgent deadline?

      Simply because the Arab League held a summit this weekend. The US Administration hoped that Benjamin Netanyahu would surrender to the demand of a building freeze in Jerusalem. Israel was not yet ready to tango.

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