Last Thursday the first civilian in Israel since 2008 was killed by a Qassam rocket from Gaza. The rocket exploding in a moshav 12 kilometres south of Ashkelon.

Baroness Aston is the new head of EU´s foreign policies.

Week end comment:

By Mike Adams.

EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, visiting carefully chosen sites in Gaza, condemned “any kind of violence”, but not Hamas. Another Gaza tourist, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, condemned “all such acts of terror” while also avoiding the H-word.

This personification of international hypocrisy is an affront to the real truths on the ground. It was a forthright Israeli Deputy Defence Minister Matan Vilnai who said that Israel holds Hamas responsible for any cross-border attacks because the group controls the Gaza Strip. Finally, some plain speech.

Vilnai then went on to say: “Israel is not interested in a military confrontation but will not allow its citizens to be attacked”. Now that’s an interesting statement when considering the fact that the person killed in the latest attack was a 34-year-old migrant farm worker from Thailand, and in no way an ordinary Israeli citizen.

Ten years ago there used to be less than 1,000 Thai workers in Israel. As of 2010 there are 26,000 Thai agricultural workers who work the Holy Land. Their meagre earnings go to support their families back home. All in all, there are approximately 430,000 foreign workers, which represent 5 percent of the population of Israel and 10 percent of the workforce.

They are employed in construction, agriculture and care of homebound elderly. The migrants have taken on menial jobs that used to be filled by inhabitants from Gaza, Judea and Samaria until a decade ago, when escalating terrorism prompted Israel to restrict the movement of Palestinian Arabs.

The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs has as an updated record of 1,186 people “killed by Palestinian violence and terrorism” since September 2000. Foreign nationals that have been the defensless victims of indiscriminate killings by Hamas and other Jihadi Salafis are included in this number. More than 50 migrants, students, tourists and diplomats have paid with their lives, caught in the frontline fire of the Islamofascists on Israeli soil.

In 2004 three agricultural workers from Thailand, the youngest, a woman of 19 years old, were killed in and among the greenhouses of Gaza. Before and after, the Hamas back roomers, boosted by complimentary rivals, have been able to chalk up the deaths of citizens from a host of other countries: U.S.A., China, Romania, Philippines, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Ghana, Eritrea, France, U.K., Sweden, Italy, Brazil, Moldova, Argentina, Ecuador, Ethiopia, South Africa (baby girl, 9 months), Switzerland and Turkey. Cause of death: mortars, rockets and suicide bombers.

There has been no official reaction from Thailand after the fatality amongst one their own countrymen. And how should they react? Israel can’t be held accountable. As a precautionary measure Israel has implemented the Colour Red early warning system alerting its residents to incoming attacks, giving people near the Gaza border ten to twenty seconds to find cover before rockets explode. Security forces are placed on high alert where threats are escalating. Ditto the paramedics.

If Thailand were to indict Hamas; how are they to go about it? Thailand is not included in the group of the 110 countries, in addition to the Holy See, that recognise the State of Palestine, let alone the Hamas “2.0 version” of the Palestinian National Authority. In the case of Mr. Manee Singmueangphon, who leaves a wife and child, Thai officials could only coordinate with Israeli authorities the transfer of the dead body for burial in Thailand.

The Thai embassy in Tel Aviv, which incidentally only opened in 1996, basically gives the impression of diplomatic impotence. The last bulletin in English on “Thailand’s position on the Middle East Peace Process” from the Middle East Division in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a general memo from November 2001:

“On the current cycle of violence between the Israelis and the Palestinians: Thailand wishes to see an immediate end to the current cycle of violence between the Israelis and the Palestinians. It is vital, therefore, that the parties take all necessary measures towards that end, including the immediate and comprehensive implementation of the recommendations made by the Sharm-el-Sheikh Fact-finding Committee (Mitchell Report)”.

Notwithstanding, Hamas is hell-bent on continuing cowardly acts of terror against Zionists who get in their way. Incidental foreigners are not exempt. With so much bloodshed, it’s a diabolical wonder that the Palestinian Arabs have duped the world that their cause is worthy of support.

The blood of Jews and Gentiles cries out from hallowed ground to the Lord in heaven. His response is the same now as it was in the beginning. Cain was made a fugitive and a vagabond after killing Abel. And so will it be when the speck of Hamas dirt is removed from the apple of God’s eye. Messiah will come back to take care of His Father’s business. Hamas and all other usurpers of Israeli land will be neutralised before the Millennium peace becomes a fact.

Now at Passover, we are reminded that Messiah died outside the walls of Jerusalem at the hands of heathen executioners, given up by the majority of Jews. Jesus wasn’t assassinated, but gave His lifeblood on a Roman cross, and then won over death when resurrected on the third day. And all this so that the children of men could become the children of God. This, of course, includes Allah-believing Arabs and Buddha-believing Thais. All men are welcome to lay aside their false beliefs and repent before dying in vain. For whatever the cause.