US Policy on Jerusalem is set by Arab media and US debts

No government has ever frozen building in Jerusalem. Not a Labor government or Kadima. I don’t understand why the Americans are upset.

Nir Barkat has to look into the empty pockets of Obama, to understand the new US policy on Jerusalem.

This is the words of Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat in an interview yesterday:

«There are detailed, public master plans for the good of all….If the Americans had come and learned the plans, they wouldn’t have reacted as they did. To my regret, their policy was set according to what appeared in the Palestinian press».

Barkat feels it would have been wise if the Americans had come and learned the details before they took a position.

So what’s the proper solution?

«To keep building. That is the only solution. Jerusalem can’t be frozen. This was never part of the negotiations and it needs to be removed from the agenda. I believe we must end the crisis with the Americans. Our fate is bound together, intertwined with one another, but let them come and learn the territory. I’ll be happy to guide them», explains Barkat.

Source:  Hebrew daily newspaper Yediot Ahronot.

My comment:

I will try to help the Jerusalem mayor to understand why Obama is upset.

The US will soon have two trillion US dollar in public debts. To keep America with liquid cash, someone needs to keep on buying US Treasuries (buying American public debts).

The moment China or Saudi Arabia stops funding the public costs of America, the US society will come to a stand still.

The Saudis have made it quite clear to Obama: The Islamic Kingdom wants the Saudi peace plan for the Middle East enforced on Israel. That demands a surrender of Israel back to the pre 1967 borders, and a hand over of East Jerusalem to Islam.

China has also warned Obama about a possible «freeze» in the present purchase of American debt papers. An attack on Chinas biggest trading partner in the Middle East might bring an end to capitalism in Washington. That partner of China is the Ayatollah controlled Islamic republic of Iran.

To sacrifice Israel is a lesser evil for Barack Hussein Obama. Let me remind the Jerusalem mayor and all my readers about what  Paul, the Jewish Apostle of Jesus correctly said:

«The love of money is the root of all evil.

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