Hillary Clinton whitewash Abbas from acts of blunt terrorism

Hillary Clinton calls a corruption-ridden near dictatorship Palestinian Authority for true «peace makers», blame Hamas for square in Ramallah named after PLO terrorist.

Hillary Clinton denies that Abbas supports terrorism, and feels He is a proper safeguard of freedom in East Jerusalem.

The US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton let the cat out of the bag during the annual AIPAC conference in Washington on Monday when she attributed a deplorable applause to terrorism perpetrated by Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to his rivals in the Islamic terrorist group Hamas.

Speaking before thousands who likely knew the incident well and could see through Clinton’s deception, the secretary condemned the recent naming of a public Palestinian square after Dalal Mugrahbi. She was a female terrorist who in 1978 hijacked a bus and killed 37 Israelis, the most ever in a single terrorist attack. Only Clinton claimed that the square had been rededicated by Hamas.

This square is located in Ramallah, the de facto capital of Abbas’ Palestinian Authority. It was Abbas and his ruling Fatah faction that decided to name the square after Mugrahbi, and it was Abbas who defended that decision when speaking to Arab media weeks earlier.

«I do not deny it. Of course we want to name a square after her», Abbas told Al-Hayat Al-Jadida in January.

On the anniversary of the 1978 massacre, Abbas’ state-controlled television channel aired a special documentary honoring Mugrahbi and the other terrorists who took part in the attack.

Mahmoud Abbas has honored a cold blooded murderer in Ramallah

Israeli commentators noted that Clinton is no fool, and has a team of high-paid advisors and researchers at her service. That she made a mistake, or was simply unaware of who actually named the square after Mugrahbi is not a reasonable explanation.

More likely is that the Obama Administration hoped most Americans were unaware that Abbas was actually behind the offense, and intended to appease Israeli while refraining from putting any real pressure on the Palestinian leader.

Source: Israeli Magazine, Israel Today.

My comment:

Hillary Clinton just falsified the history of Israel, and let a criminal of the hock. PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

It is much more easy to spread lies, than to stick to the truth. Because when a lie is told a million times, its still a lie.

Let me give you one example. You might think, that its was US forces who liberated Berlin in 1945. The Nazis would have said that the US started to occupy Berlin.

Who is right?

Non of them.

It was the Red Army who «liberated» Berlin. The Soviet Union. The US forces was brought to a halt in Western part of Germany. Later the city was divided into four sectors.

Who were now the liberator´s, and who continued the occupation?

Was it Israel or Jordan who liberated Jerusalem from British «occupation»?

If East Jerusalem was occupied from 1948 to 1967, than i guess Israel is the liberators of the united city of David. Praise Jesus.

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