Pastor: Prosperity gospel hindering church revival

Revival is not about church growth. Rather it is about church «pruning and purifying».

Baptist pastor Michael Catt warns against preachers of the Prosperity gospel.

Michael Catt, senior pastor of Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany. He expresses a view that revival is not about a lager crowed, but rather about broken people who want to get right with God.

Depending on the time, place and people, revival can look different. But all revivals share a few common elements: repentance, confession, restoration and brokenness, explains Catt.

The prosperity gospel movement and its teachings, however, present a problem to revival because it confuses people, he noted.

Prosperity gospel, as defined by the Lausanne Theology Working Group, is the teaching that «believers have a right to the blessings of health and wealth and that they can obtain these blessings through positive confessions of faith and the «sowing of seeds» through the faithful payments of tithes and offerings.

The prosperity gospel encourages people to buy things they cannot afford and do not need by justifying that God wants to materially bless believers, and if they just have enough faith then God will provide the means, the magazine criticized.

«Sometimes the prosperity gospel and the feel-good gospel tell people what they want to hear», Catt said. When you lay that by the side of Jesus’ teaching take up the cross – the only reason for the cross in the first century is to die. And to die daily, to crucify your flesh then you have to think how does this fit?

The Baptist pastor said that for him if the sermon does not work in a «mud hut, third-world», country then it’s probably not true.

«I can’t go to a guy that only has a towel around his waist and lives in a dung hut and tell him the good news you’ll get a Mercedes and you’ll go from dung to stucco because it probably won’t happen», Catt said. «But the power of the life changing Gospel can happen».

In his book, Catt maintains that there is little in common between the «success, health, and wealth of the prosperity gospel and the Word of God».

Providing an example, he pointed to the life of Apostle Paul who «didn’t live in a mansion and cross the Mediterranean in a luxury liner».

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My comment:

Pastor Catt claims that the «Prosperity gospel» will not work among poor people. Do not be so sure. There are many pore people who have become lovers of money after watching God TV from their slum huts in India.

But may be more amazing, the Prosperity gospel did not work among the Apostles of Jesus. If this religious «mantra» had been the truth, The Apostles should have achieved material wealth. At least they should have lived a long and healthy life on Earth.

If we believe the correctness of the prosperity gospel, the biggest failure of faith was Jesus Him self. Neither our Lord nor the faith of John the Baptist was able to save the latter from being beheaded.

And poor Steven, who was stoned. He must have misunderstood the message That we have a right to have Earthly success in all that we do in the name of «Jesus».

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