War crimes in Gaza continues with rockets fired towards Israel

Seven more Kassam rockets have been fired into Israel. Ashkelon hit.

More rockets are fired from Gaza in a bid to kill Jewish civilians inside Israel.

This weekend saw seven Kassam rocket launches against Israel from Gaza. Palestinian terrorists fired one from north Gaza on Sunday night that landed south of Ashkelon in an open field near the beach.

On Saturday, four other rockets fired from the Hamas-ruled coastal enclave landed in open areas in the western Negev, with another landing near a kibbutz located within the Sha’ar Hanegev region.

One Kassam fell short into Palestinian territory near the Kissufim Crossing.  There were no injuries or damage, but the IDF retaliated with strikes on a Hamas facility near the defunct airport in south Gaza. The Palestinians said 14 people were injured, two seriously.

Source: ICEJ.org

My comment:

The fresh rocket fire from Gaza into Israel shows the interests the Arab Palestinians have for peaceful relations with Israel.

Since the rockets are fired from Gaza, there is a need to ask a critical question to politicians like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton:

Is these rockets fired into Israel from a de-facto existing two state solution?

If Gaza is not a part of the proposed two-state solution, will Hamas be included in a US backed three-state solution?

How many rockets would the US like to see fired into Israel, before the Hamas regime will have committed a war crime against Israel?

And if Hamas have committed such war crimes against Israel, and keeps on committing such war crimes:

What will it take for the US to back Israel in forcing a regime change in Gaza, to get rid of this evil?

Can Israel do so in self defense, without its leaders being targeted by EU and London as war criminals?

2 thoughts on “War crimes in Gaza continues with rockets fired towards Israel

  1. Hello,

    My name is Alisa and I am a graphic designer for an organization called The Israel Project in Washington, D.C. (www.theisraelproject.org). I have been searching for a photo to use for a banner on our site.

    The photo above with the man holding the rocket is EXACTLY what I have been looking for.

    I’d like to ask permission to use it.

    Please let me know at your earliest convenience.



    1. Dear Alisa

      Sabbath Shalom.

      I am not the owner of this photo. I have no clue who you can approach.

      It is simply not possible now a days, to keep the copy-right laws. Facebook and bloggers have copied pictures into the millions.

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