Israel will not get peace by a return to pre-1967 borders

There was no peace in Israel before 1967. Neither will there be peace if Israel is forced back to the cease fire lines from the 1948 war of Independence.

Kadima MK Avi Ditcher supports the stand of Benjamin Netanyahu against Obama.

Jerusalem will not return to the pre-1967 borders. That is a public promise given Avi Dichter. He is a member of Knesset for the opposition party Kadiam. Ditcher writes in Jerusalem Post:

Jerusalem lies at the heart of the Jewish nation. Despite its most sacred Jewish status, the State of Israel has transformed the Temple Mount in Jerusalem into a place of religious freedom.

Nonetheless, there is a faction of radical Muslims today that is inciting violence at the Mount in an attempt to create an atmosphere of conflict in the city and in the entire region.

To make matters worse, these rioters are supported by the Palestinian Authority.

The world must clearly understand that Jerusalem will not return to the pre-1967 borders. This is a clear and important strategic policy in the heart of consensus in Israel. Before negotiations surrounding Jerusalem are even conceived, the level of trust between Israel and the Palestinians must soar to new heights.

Such trust will occur only after the issues of Gaza, the West Bank, the settlement blocs and the Jordan Valley are resolved. The absolute sole route toward a lasting agreement is direct bilateral negotiations.

The writer, a Kadima MK, is a former head of the Israel Security Agency and a former minister of public security. (Jerusalem Post).

My comment:

The PLO was formed in 1964 to get rid of the Jewish state of Israel.

The former Secretary General of United Nations honoring an Arab terrorist.

In 1964 the so-called West Bank and East Jerusalem was occupied by Islam, represented by the Kingdom of Jordan.

If Islam was happy «owning» this pieces of Jewish land in 1963, there was no need to form the PLO. The Arab League would have ended the Jihad against the Jewish people, and made East Jerusalem the capital of…..?…..Jordan?

The Arab League, Saudi Arabia, Iran and the whole Muslim World have never accepted a Jewish state in the Middle East. And they never will.

Egypt was forced by the US to make peace with Israel in 1979. If the Egyptians had not accepted the state of Israel´s right to exist, the IDF would have remained in the Sinai desert up to this day. Within 15 minutes Cairo could have been captured.

The Kingdom of Jordan has entered into a peace agreement with Israel. But their double play has been exposed as a dirty game played against the state of Israel.

Why do the Kingdom of Jordan not demand the so-called West bank and East Jerusalem back, if it ever was Arab Jordanian property?

When did the terrorist organization PLO receive the right to pull up a demand for occupied Jordanian territory?

The Islamic war on Israel will not end before the Jewish nation is defeated and gone. They shall almost succeed. Islam has not taken into account the return of the Messiah Jesus. He is the servant of His Father, God of Israel. He is the watchman over the Jewish people, and in the end their only hope.

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    an American dude with serious bad attitude towards the way Israel is being treated!

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