Arab Palestinians names public square after cold blooded murderer

Dalal Mughrabi slaughtered 37 Jewish buss passengers and tourists. Now a Public square on the so-called West Bank carries her name.

Behind this pretty face, there was a cold blooded Islamic murderer.

Postponed until after Biden left the region, a public square was dedicated in honor of Palestinian terrorist Dalal Mughrabi. She was a Fatah woman who led a 1978 terror attack. This was the worst in Israel’s history, in which 37 Israeli civilians and an American photographer were killed. 71 people were wounded.

Mainstream media coverage was extremely thin on the ground as the New York Times was the only paper of note that covered the story in its news section. The LA Times did feature an op-ed penned by three Israelis who had lost children in terror attacks, while Richard Cohen commented in the Washington Post.

The dead terrorist. No longer a pretty sight.

Referring to those who single out Israel for allegedly killing civilians in violation of all the rules of warfare, Cohen says that «Hypocrisy Square would be its appropriate name».

Isn’t it hypocrisy for the media to deem the construction of Jewish houses as a provocation or incitement while ignoring very real incitement on the Palestinian side?

As Cohen says: «If the term ‹confidence-building measure» is employed, what confidence can Israelis have in a people and their leaders who honor the 1978 murder of innocents, particularly children?

Source: Honest Reporting

My comment:

What would you say to the establishment of an Obama Bin Laden square in Kabul?

May be its time for an Adolf Hitler avenue in Berlin?

The Arab Palestinians in Ramallah has been promoted as «moderat» by the US, United Nation and the EU. I guess they are moderate terrorists.

You can kill IDF female soldiers, security personal, and even armed police officers, and probably get away with a claim of them being legitimate targets of war.

But to honor a killer of children traveling by buss, shows the true nature of the Mahmoud Abbas and his regime of gangsters in Ramallah.

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