What would have happened if the Russians in 1945 had not gone the whole way to Berlin, and removed the Nazi-regime? What if the United Nation (UN) and the World had given Adolph Hitler a chance to rebuild Germany?

When will the World remove the Hamas regime from Gaza?

What if the the Vietnam army in 1978 had listen to the UN and the International community, and stopped short of reaching Phnom Penh in Cambodia? What would have happened to that country if the Khmer Rouge regime had got a second chance to rule with a mandate from the UN?

The same issue with Idi Amin in Uganda. If the International community had put enough pressure on the Tanzanian government in 1979, its army would have agreed on a cease fire before it could reached Kampala.

This was written on News That Matters one year ago
This story was published on News that Matters one year ago

The World is blind towards Israel, and the IDF (Israel Defense Force) fight against the most extreme evil inside Gaza. Not only Israel, but the international community will have to pay a heavy prize to let Hamas continue its fascistic rule in Gaza. Nations like Iran and soon to become member of EU, Turkey, will surely start to rearm Hamas. This time with more powerful longer ranged rockets, and finances to hire more effective suicide bombers.

Soon Iran will have atomic weapons that can reach the capitals of foolishness, like Berlin, London and Paris. Welcome to the Islamic Fascistic World, who now can stop peaceful demonstrations in any European capital of its choice by violence. The mob of the 1930-ties are back, and people are sleeping. This time we all got a new chance to stand up for Israel, and the International society at large blew it.

The rainbow-alliances of the Anti-Messias movement will grow stronger day by day, up to the day the true Messias will appear in the sky. Put your trust in Lord Jesus, the Jewish Messiah who have restored Israel. The final battle between good and evil will take place in Zion. 20.01.09.