Obama´s logic: «Jewish graves on Mount of Olives should belong to Islam»

When East Jerusalem is re-occupied by Islam, 70.000 Jewish graves on the Mount of Olives must be removed.

There have been Jewish graves in the Mount of Olives as long as Jerusalem has existed.

The new American stand on East Jerusalem will have a deep impact on God of the Bible´s views on the United States.

When Obama rejects East Jerusalem as Jewish land, the US President falsify the history of Jerusalem and the Middle East.

Since Islam demands that Jews are evicted from «occupied land», 70.000 Jewish graves on the Mount of Olives will have to be removed. No one seems to care, that for the last 3.000 years Jews have been buried in East Jerusalem.

What does these graves say about the Jewishness of East Jerusalem, and the Jewish origin and connections to this part of the city?

The tomb of Absolom in the heart of East Jerusalem. Forever Jewish.

The tomb of Absalom, the son of King David in the Kidron Valey between the Mount of Olives and the Temple Mount, will also have to be removed.

Islam claims that neither King David nor His son ever owned properties in East Jerusalem.

The seat of King David is not in West Jerusalem. The city of the great Jewish King was in the present East Jerusalem.

If the present Middle East policy of President Obama prevails, the Hurva Synagogue built in 1707 A.D will again have to be demolished. Just as it was in the days of Islamic Jordanian occupation of East Jerusalem from 1948 to 1967.

May be this newly restored Synagogue should be turned into a Mosque?

When Obama, Clinton and Joe Biden get their political will through, the liberated city of Jerusalem will again be divided. The Eastern parts of the city will again become a closed zone, and eventually an Islamic republic like Iran or Saudi Arabia, where Jews have no access.

When East Jerusalem is returned to the Mullas and Ayatollah`s, the Hebrew University on Mount Scopus will have to be closed down.

I guess the Islamic forces will make the University campus into a tool for Radical Islam?

The Islamic war against the state of Israel will not stop with the International community forcing Israel to give up its control over Jerusalem.

The outright evil that Obama promotes and supports will eventually bring God`s wrath on American, and bring the Super Power towards its doom and destruction.

Or may be this is not the final plan?

What about the Pope and Tony Blair´s plan to make East Jerusalem into an International zone, a place of worship of people of all faiths?

I guess that is the next that is in the pipeline. The «great compromise» that can end the Zionism in Eastern Jerusalem.

Read more about Mount of Olives:

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