«Shock and awe» tactic by Christian party Vice-President in Norway

This is her new tactic to get more Norwegians to vote for the Christian People Party.

Inger Lise Hansen on the front page of the Norwegian tabloid VG.

Inger Lise Hansen is the Vice-President of the Norwegian Christian People Party. The picture of her is not taken from a bad-taste party, but is rater a product of a not to well planned PR-move. The Norwegian tabloid VG enjoys.

The tabloid got the picture from a youth and woman magazine, who has made a portrait of Hansen. The Christian leader explains:

«I have more than once dressed up little bit sexy to provoke».

The Vice-President seems to be in the business of provocations. Earlier this winter she attacked several political cornerstone`s of the party she represent with a High office. She wanted the party to abandon its support for Israel, accept gay marriages in Churches, and establish state owned liquor sales rooms in every Norwegian municipality who do not have public sales of hard liquor.

What is the next provocation we can expect?

Before this picture was published her «shock and awe tactics» have paid off. A poll displayed that the Christian Peoples party, for the first time ever, would have been voted out of the Norwegian parliament.

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