America dishonored deal with Israel gaining more Islamic violence

America made it clear that it considered the Israeli position enough of a concession to push the «peace process»forward.

President Obama seems to be more comfortable in Saudi Arabia, than with his dealings with the state of Israel.

Four months ago, Israel and the U.S. concluded an argument regarding Israeli construction in the West Bank and former Jordanian Jerusalem. It ended with a compromise that neither government was particularly happy about. Israel reluctantly agreed to suspend all new construction in the West Bank for nearly a year, and the U.S. reluctantly accepted Israel’s refusal to do the same in Jerusalem.

Yet however reluctant this acceptance was, America made it clear that it considered the Israeli position enough of a concession to push the “peace process” forward and that it was willing to live with it.

On that basis, the Netanyahu government declared a West Bank freeze and began to enforce it, despite the anger this caused on the pro-settlement Israeli Right from which many of Mr. Netanyahu’s voters come.

Now, America has reneged on its word. Using the Ramat Shlomo incident as a pretext, it is demanding once again, as if an agreement had never been reached, that Israel cease all construction in «Arab» Jerusalem. Basically, it is saying: «We agreed to a compromise? So what if we did? Now you’ve insulted us and we’re taking our agreement back».

This is a grave mistake. And it is gravest of all for the «peace process» that President Obama claims to be so eager to restart.

The next time an American president asks Israelis to count on America, he might ask himself: Why on earth should they?

Source: The New York Sun

My comment:

Israeli firmness and sustainability is a language Arabs understand. For more than 61 years Israel has survived all kind of attacks.

This year, Israel has been seriously weakened. Not by declared Islamic enemies of the Jewish state, but by the US President and his administration. Their closed allied friends, have stabbed a knife in the back of the Jewish nation.

To condemn Israel for building houses in East Jerusalem, is like fueling the Islamic world with more petrol to their Jew hate campaigns. Its an unwanted American premium for Islamic threats of war, riots and violence.

When Muslims see that lying and cheating on Israel pays off, the mob gets instigated to go more extreme on their attacks on the state of Israel.

This will be the ironic legacy of President Obama, who started his days in office receiving the Nobel peace prize.

One thought on “America dishonored deal with Israel gaining more Islamic violence

  1. President Obama is no friend of Israel. Israel is much more like the U.S. than any Muslim country and he wants to fundamentaly change the U.S. I am guessing that he does not like us the way we are. He wants to make us more like….something else.

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