Netanyahu has given the US «assurances that the new neighborhood will not be constructed anytime soon; it is, in fact, two or three years from groundbreaking».

The hill outside Jerusalem that is a threat to World Peace, Ramat Shlomo.

This is according to a blog entry by senior Post reporter Jackson Diehl. The information is quoted from a conversation with Israel’s envoy to the U.S. Michael Oren. Jerusalem had reportedly agreed to postpone the execution of the contentious Ramat Shlomo construction plan, while not canceling it altogether.

Netanyahu is expected, according to the Washington Post report, to tell the Obama administration that he cannot revoke the Ramat Shlomo expansion plan both for legal reasons and as a result of wide public support in continued building in Jerusalem.

However, according to Diehl’s blog entry, Netanyahu will offer «assurances that the new neighborhood will not be constructed anytime soon; it is, in fact, two or three years from groundbreaking».

«Coupled to that would be an Israeli pledge to avoid publicizing further construction decisions in Jerusalem. The result would not be a freeze, but something like a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy for settlements», Diehl added.

The blog entry also claimed that Jerusalem had also made significant headway in formulating how Israel’s envisions the proximity talks as taking place.

Source: Israeli Daily «Haaretz».

My comment:

Zionism in Israel is under pressure. Bold talk about a United Jerusalem as the sovereign capital of the state of Israel, is met with massive International condemnation.

Israel is soon to be left totally alone, only having evangelical Bible obeying Christians on their side. Lets pray they will listen to us.

Never before have so many agreed that Biblical Judaism is the root of the evil in the Middle East. That the Jews need to give up more of their land to Islam to get peace. It has never worked in the past, and it will surely not work in the end game.

Let see who Israel is up against:

United Nation, European Union, The Pope in Rome, Tony Blair, President Obama, World Council of Churches, The Arab Leage, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, The Government of Norway, China, Hamas, Peace Now activists, The Labor Party of United Kingdom, Hizbullah, Russia and Venezuela.

Its a powerful Global lobby. A new Rainbow alliance that covers the specter from Fascists to Communists, from Catholics to radical Muslims. Never in the History of mankind have there been such an evil uprising against the truth. The only one they do not take into account is God of Israel. That will be their doom.