US President: «I condemn» Israel? Hamas? Saudi Arabia? Iran?

Did the Vice President condemn the Palestinian Authority for inciting its children to violence against Israel?

Obama, Biden and Clinton targets and condemn Israel. Leaving the terrorists unharmed.

Did the Vice President condemn Abbas for refusing to take out of the Palestinian Covenant the destruction of the State of Israel?

Did the Vice President condemn Hamas for brutalizing its own people?


The Vice President of the United States condemned the government of the State of Israel for issuing permits so Jews can build apartments and live in their capital of Jerusalem.

The Vice President’s tirade was echoed by the White House.

In their eyes, Israel’s Jerusalem is out of bounds for Jews. Jews must not legally purchase property — property that was taken from them by Muslims and which they purchased back.

It does not matter to Biden or the White House that Jews were forcibly driven from Jerusalem.

It does not matter that the Jewish State has opened Jerusalem to everyone after it was closed to them and most Christians during the Muslim occupation from 1948 to 1967.

Biden and Obama have made themselves the guardians who must keep Jews out of sections of the Holy City.

We must let Obama and Biden know that we support Jerusalem the way it is — free and open.

We should send them a copy of PM Netanyahu’s recent speech on Jerusalem. We applaud the efforts of Young Israel and others who are standing up for Jerusalem.

Source: United Jerusalem.

My comment:

It is amazing that the World can not see the racism promoted in Washington. When Jews are banned from building in East Jerusalem, you will make this area a zone that is «Judenfrei»

When the Arab Palestinians claim they want to ban Israelis from occupying Arab land, they tell a blunt lie. Because Israeli Arabs are free to purchase land in Palestinian controlled areas on the so-called West Bank. And they own land in East Jerusalem.

But for an Arab to sell land to a Jew, is a capital offense. With the support of money from the US and the European Union, the Arab Palestinian wants to execute their own brethren. If this is not Fascism, than nothing is. If this is is not an US and EU promoted Apartheid state, than there have never been such a state.

The hypocrites that rules the global International arena are not a single day better than those who brought Nazi – leader Adolf Hitler to power in Germany. In fact they are worse. Because they are suppose to know that they are walking in the footsteps of Der Fuhrer.

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