Israeli cabinet approves new Sinai border fence

The 240 kilometer long border between Israel and Egypt will be fenced. Israel wants to keep Islamic terrorists out.

The exisiting Israel security fense has redused Islamic terror attacks inside Jewish populated areas to close to zero.

The fence is going to cost NIS 1.35 billion. The plan and the funding was approved by the Israeli cabinet on Sunday.  The new barrier along the border with Egypt will be built in an effort to protect the country from terrorist infiltrations, drug smuggling, border infringement, and human trafficking.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the «quantity of infiltrators will only increase, given the economic attractiveness of Israel». The border is 240-kilometers long from the Kerem Shalom outpost near the Gaza Strip, to Eilat on the Red Sea, and the security fence will include electronic warning systems.


The international community can not make up its mind on the security fence inside Israel. If there ever is a two-state-solution forced up on Israel, I guess the Jewish state has the right to put up a security fence?

If the security fence is taken away today, than Hamas suicide bombers will again  be able to enter Jewish populated areas and slaughter innocent people.

The only solution is obvious. The Arab nations have to recognize the state of Israel.  Today, almost every Arab nations  is technically at war with the Jewish state.

Before countries like Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Syria makes peace with Israel, who can we expect terrorist organization like Hamas to end their Jihad?

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