Tony Blair quotes Koran says Grand Mufti gone home to Paradise

We mourn Sheikh Mohammed Sayyid Tantaw, this champion of Islam, a loss to us all.

Roman Catholic Tony Blair believes Muslim cleric saved by Allah without Jesus.

Tony Blairs Faith Foundation honors the Muslim scholar by using this line on the home pages: «To God we belong and unto Him is our return». Read the message from Tony Blairs website:

The sudden and unexpected death in Saudi Arabia on March 10th of Sheikh Mohammed Sayyid Tantawi stills the voice of an outstanding Muslim scholar and takes not only from Egypt, but from the whole world, a great exegete of the Holy Qu’ran.

As`Grand Mufti of Egypt from 1986-1996, and then as head of Al-Azhar University and Grand Imam of the Al-Azhar Mosque, Sheikh Tantawi gave courageous guidance to Muslim communities during challenging times.

His timely fatwas dealt with pressing and contentious issues. His great 15 volume work of tafseer is both an historic work of Islamic scholarship, and a spiritual guide for many Muslims.

The Tony Blair Faith Foundation remembers him not simply as a great scholar but for his contribution to interfaith relations: his meeting with Rabbis and the then Archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey in an interfaith gathering in Alexandria in 2002, his links with the Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue and his clear rejection of the “clash of civilisations”.

His famous words “the difference between jihad in Islam and extremism is like the earth and the sky” will echo through coming decades.

We mourn this champion of Islam, a loss to us all.

Tony Blair

(يا أيتها النفس المطمئنة ارجعي إلي ربك راضية مرضية فادخلي في عبادي وادخلي جنتي)

“Serene soul, return to your Lord well pleased with him and He will be pleased with you. Enter among my servants into my Paradise.”

Quran (89: 27-30):

Source: Tony Blair Faith Foundation:

My comment:

Tony Blair is the most dangerous promoter of a new global interfaith religion. This former Anglican turned Papist, does not only promote Islam as a peaceful religion, that needs our respect. Like Muslims, Blair also believe Paradise awaits those who follow Allah.

Blair quotes from the Koran, and feels Allah has taken home this Muslim scholar to Paradise. Making Mr Blair him self twice as much bound for eternity in Hell as this Muslim scholar. Since Blair has turned a Roman Catholic, its time for the pope to call the former Prime Minister of United Kingdom in for counseling. May be ex-communication will do. Since Blair is the Middle East «peace» envoy of the Quartet, is time to warn Israel. – Do believe a single word this man is saying.

Stay away from this falsehood, a new Universal One World Religion.

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