Hamas used almost 100 mosques for military purposes

Hamas used close to 100 mosques throughout the Gaza Strip for military purposes during Operation Cast Lead.

When Hamas uses Mosques as military bases, it exposes the evil within Islam.

This is according to IDF intelligence information revealed in a new report aimed at countering the UN’s Goldstone Report.

The new report was compiled by the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center (Malam) and dedicates an entire chapter to Hamas’s use of mosques before and during last winter’s offensive in the Gaza Strip. It is aimed at disproving the Goldstone Report, who authors concluded that they could not confirm Israel’s claims that Hamas used mosques for military purposes during the operation.

Islam expands with the help of a mix of machine guns and the Koran

«The mission was unable to make a determination regarding the [Israeli] allegation», former judge Richard Goldstone wrote in the UN report.

The Malam report asserts that the extensive use of mosques to store weapons and as launch pads for rocket attacks on Israel was part of a Hamas strategy based on the knowledge that the IDF would not target civilian infrastructure including mosques, which were therefore ideal for weapons storehouses and rocket attacks.

The Malam analysis is based on Hamas sketches of neighborhoods that show that mosques were used as sniper positions, Israel Air Force videos showing massive secondary explosions after mosques were hit as well as reports from IDF troops.

One mosque in the Zeitoun neighborhood of Gaza City was raided by IDF troops who discovered a warehouse full of rockets and mortar shells. During the operation, a rocket-propelled grenade was fired at Israel troops from the mosque.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

The Muslims are not only killing their own brethren. They are also blowing up their own Mosques. So much for the peaceful religion of Islam.

Hamas is a terrorist organization. Their members shout «Allah is great» both when slaughtering other Muslims, and while shooting rockets on civilians in Israeli.

There can be no excuse for supporting such evil.  You do that by acknowledging members of Hamas as trustworthy witnesses, while investigating Israeli military actions to defend the Jewish people.

To use Hamas to accuse Israel of war crimes, is like using Nazis to testify against British generals who fired back at Germany. Should England have been denied the right to defend her self?

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