The March of myths on Israel by media and politicians

Malcolm Hedding is the director of ICEJ
Malcolm Hedding is the director the Christian Embassy in Jerusalem.

Arab Palestinian attacks against Israel is based on lies told so many times, that people have started to believe in them.

The Nazis believed that if you told a lie often enough, it would eventually be accepted as the truth.

Nowhere is this more evident today than in the Palestinian attacks against Israel. One lie has been heaped upon another until the myth has become accepted as truth. Those who tries to put the record straight are ridiculed

Why do even learned people tolerate this?

In May 1948, in line with United Nation decision, David Ben-Gurion announced Israel´s rebirth as a nation, the very next day, five Arabs armies attacked Israel with the expresses intent of driving the Jews into the sea.

This was a blatant case of aggression. But listening to the media today, one would never know that. If anything, it is the Arabs and Palestinians who are considered the victims of Israeli aggression in 1948.

Up till then, the Jews in the land were all considered Palestinians. I recently met a Jew who showed med his identity card from the British Mandate era. It clearly designated him as «Palestinian». No particular racial or ethnic group was given that exclusive identity. There were Jewish Palestinians and Arab Palestinians, and that was it. You would not know this today. Nor that most Arabs in the land back than considered them selves as «Syrians».

Remarkably , Israel won the its war of independence, but the heart of of its revealed Holy city of Jerusalem fell into Jordanian hands. This was a real occupation of East Jerusalem and the West bank, but it drew little outcry from the World. So for the 19 years during which the Palestinian Arabs had what they say they now want for a state, they never declared it. The destruction of the Jewish state of Israel is what they wanted.

In 1964 when the Arabs already held East Jerusalem and the entire west bank, the PLO was founded with the express mandate to liquidate Israel. They settled on a phased plan by which to accomplish this and launched terror campaigns against Jews and proper Israel. Up until the day He died, Yasser Arafat never moved away from this agenda. However, you would never know this by today`s accounts.

No, Israel is the obstacle to peace, and any declaration by Palestinian leaders calling for its destruction in Arabic are only rhetoric and not to be taken seriously. Now, some Western politicians are also calling for Israel to be reasonable and negotiate with Hamas. The Palestinian mythology flourishes.

In 1967, Israel was again in the sights of a Pan-Arab alliance that sought to destroy her. Emboldened by Soviet backing and weaponry, Egypt´s Gamal Abdul Nasser expelled UN Peacekeepers from Sinai, blockaded the strait of Tiran (and act of war), Mobilized his armies along with Jordan, Syria and Iraq, and made fiery speeches predicting the demise of Israel. But Israel sprang into action, and with lighting speed destroyed Egypt`s airpower in one day, and within six days had inflicted a crushing defeat on the Arabs. The rest is history, but today Israel is widely viewed as the aggressor in 1967.

In 1973, the same scenario unfolded on Yom Kippur. Israel suffered a surprise attack. Golda Meir at one point that the state would be lost. Thankfully the tide of the battle turned, and with much loss of life Israel survived. What more. Israel tanks almost rolled into Damascus and Cairo. To save Arab honor, the World imposed a ceasefire on Israel. Yet strangely, the Yom Kippur war is celebrated as a victory in Syria and Egypt. The myth lives on.

We could go on. In the year 2000, Israel made an unprecedented offer to Arafat of 97 per cent of the West Bank and most of East Jerusalem, including the Temple Mount. But Arafat rejected it and returned to the armed struggle by launching a second intifada. Over 1000 Israelis died in horrific terror attacks, yet Israel was still considered the aggressor by many World leaders and those in media. As for the Temple Mount, according to the Palestinians, no Jewish temple ever stood there. The mythology marches on…..There was no Holocaust…. there were only a «few» rockets fired from Gaza. Where does it end?

Source: Article in Jerusalem Posts, Christian edition.


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