UNESCO made Jerusalem capital of Arab culture

The Muslim block in the United Nations does anything it can to insult and defame the Jewish city of David. Last year UNESCO made Jerusalem the capital of Arab culture.

The Jews have a 3.000 year old connection to Jerusalem, founded by King David from the Jewish tribe of Judah.

Yerushalayim or Ya-ru-Salem. This is a city that makes tribute to God of Israel, Ya, or «I am». He is God of the Bible. In the Koran the city of King David is not even mentioned. Not even once. The religion of Islam has a Holy city called Mecca, that is the centre of Arabic culture. So why try to defame and evict the Jewish people from the capital of Israel?

Similar with Islam, The Roman Catholic religion have their own capital of their culture. The city of Rome in Italy is called the «Holy city». It was not so Holy in the years between 1870 A.D and 1929 A.D, when there was no Catholic Bishop in Rome.

Very few Catholics knows that their pope was so unpopular, that He was forced to evict from the capital of Italy by a popular vote. The Roman Catholic religion was the state religion of the papal states. But not in the free republic of Italy.

Who brought back the Pope to Rome?

It was the Fascist leader Benito Mussolini that again made the Italian capital a «Holy city». When Italy returned to dictatorship, Mussolini wanted to establish a new Roman Empire, and obviously was in need of an Roman religion that could back his vision. Thats how the Vatican statehood was established by the Fascist Government in 1929, and the Pope brought back from exile.

The Roman religion is not accepted as Christianity by Bible obeying evangelical Christians. And the Pope has surely no power over Messianic Jews, neither inside Israel not in the US.

But this will surely change.

The moment the Papal throne in Rome is shifted to Jerusalem, the Pope will claim to be the head over all true worshipers of God the creator. And all who do not submit to the authorities of the his new seat in the «Holy city» and «center of Arabic culture» will be branded as anti-peace, pro intolerance, and religious fundamentalists that needs to be rounded up and quarantined. This includes Evangelical Christians, and Messianic Jews.

Take a look at the cross on this throne of stone, made for the late Pope.

Than we are back to the beginning. When it was a death penalty, to claim that Jesus is the Messiah. That He is the way, and that those who do not accept Him as the only gate to Heaven, will have to spend eternity in the lake of fire called Hell.

14 thoughts on “UNESCO made Jerusalem capital of Arab culture

  1. Why are you afraid when God is in control or do you allow God to be infinite and more powerful than Satan. I worship a God who is loving. Read my blog for a version of the Covenant that is not supported by the military industrial complex. I’d like your comments.

    1. Dear who ever you are.

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      I am not afraid, and God of the Bible is in control. But when Jesus return, I will like to see most of my friends and people I love among His sheep. There will be many people who do not want to listen, and who will end up among the goats. But as few as possible on my duty as a Watchman.

  2. The Jewish block arrogantly and defiantly insults the world by defaming the MUSLIM city of David. David’s name is Daoud (Da-wood) and the Jews decided to name him “David.” Daoud was a Muslim! He worshiped GOD, the One and Only Creator, as did Ibrahim (Abram)and the children of Ya’coub (Jacob). They were all Muslims! Judaism never had a place in Palestine other than a religion of a minority.. and only after Moses did Judaism ever came into existence!

    It is a great that UNESCO honored the Prophets of Islam by making Jerusalem the capital of Arab culture.

    That’s the TRUTH. And those who manufacture the past to create their present or future are the ones who will have to spend eternity in the lake of fire called Hell.


    1. Dear ATW.

      Shalom, and welcome back with a comment after a long time.

      We need to debate this with Muslims like you. King David was born hundreds of years after Moses. So if Mosses was a prophet of Judaism, so was David. You have to get your historical facts correct.

      An Arab named Muhammad walked on Earth 2000 years after the great Jewish King David. Since there were no Muslims (followers of Islam) before 600 A.D, its impossible that King David could have been a Muslim.

      There was no religion called Islam. There was no Quran.

      What you claim is a big lie.

    2. Please get your facts in order. Islam was created in the 7th C CE. It did not exist before. Islam – it can be argued – was an attempt by an Arab called Mohamed – to see the sense of a monotheistic centred culture. He was in the midst of Christian and Jewish monotheistic influenced cultures.
      By introducing his Islamic version of this “one god” for his people – their culture developed and flourished in ways it had never before. Like all monotheistic cultures – Islam is riddled with human err. Yet they all keep competing with one another for whose god is the greatest god or who is chosen and who is not.

      But Islam was created in 7th C CE.

      1. Dear Canuck


        Muhammad walked on Earth from 570 A.D to 632 A.D. His first followers, were the first Muslims.

        Islam expanded by the use of guns and swords. The Koran tells faithful Muslims to kill the infidels. That is Jews and Christians. The Christians in North Africa and the Middle East, did not fully understand the evil that rose up from Saudi Arabia. Today, we know for sure. If we are willing to read the Koran, and see what is going on in the World.

  3. Did you know that St Peter was crucified upside down thus the use of the upside down cross for the Pope of Rome who sits in Peter’s apostolic chair. It’s only symbolic in context of Peter’s martyrdom – don’t create idle chatter about this kind of stuff unless you come fully informed to the table. Thank you.

    1. Dear Canuck.

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      There is no Biblical evidence that the Apostle Peter even visited Rome. More than likely He never did. He was an Apostles to the Jews, Paul was an apostle to the gentiles.

      Paul wrote the letter to the Romans. Not Peter. Paul visited Rome, not Peter. Paul was martyred by the Romans in Rome, not Peter. If Peter was going to be the first Bishop in Rome, I guess Paul would have mentioned this in his letter to the Romans? Not only was Peter not mentioned. Paul greets 20 people in this letter, all of importance to the believers in Rome.

      The Apostles divided the known World among them selves. Since Paul went to Rome, Thomas went to preach to the Jews in India. James traveled to Africa, through Egypt. And Peter, traveled eastwards into the Jewish Kingdom of Parthia. That is Babylon. Thats why He greets his readers from Babylon.

      The up side down cross is used by Satanists. That is a fact. That the Catholics also use the same symbol, will not change this fact of extreme wickedness.

      1. If the New Testament is your only source for history – then your view of history is limited. How do you trace your line back to the early Christians who created these texts and the Church of the time which organized the NT. Do some scholarly research – you will read about Peter’s work in Rome – including his martyrdom. The upside down cross – according to “tradition” – is how Peter asked to be martyred. Tradition is as important to history as are manuscripts. Whether one wants to believe any faith based tradition is a choice. Jesus is part of tradition. Here is a bit about Peter in case you want to research further. And BTW – all that satanist stuff – you might not want to watch all those things from Hollywood. Do some more research on that topic – solid research.
        “It is certain that Peter died in Rome and that his martyrdom came during the reign of Emperor Nero, probably in 64. Testimony of his martyrdom is extensive, including Origen, Eusebius of Caesarea, St. Clement I of Rome, St. Ignatius, and St. Irenaeus. According to rich tradition, Peter was crucified on the Vatican Hill upside down because he declared himself unworthy to die in the same manner as the Lord.” Depending on your slant none of these people or events might matter to you but they did happen.

      2. Dear Canuck.


        The mythological story about Peter being granted a wish of dying up side down, does not make sense to people who know how the Roman Empire executed people. Jesus was crucified in the most dirty and painful way the Romans could think off. The claim that Peter did not found Him self worthy to die in such a manner, is a laughable bid to try to distort the truth.

        The Roman Catholic Church soon became more evil than the Roman Empire, and invented a more spectacular and evil way of persecution and slaughter. The Bishops ordered people to be burnt on the crosses.

        I guess that such a death was also granted as per the wish of the Christian martyr`s, who could not count them self worthy of dying by a «simple» death hanging on a cross facing their laughing butchers?

        The martyrs had to face huge crucifixes, as they were burnt alive by Rome. A more wicked and satanic invention than such «act of faith» have never existed on Planet Earth.

        You have to understand the reason behind the claim of Peter being in Rome. If He is not the first Bishop of Rome, than the claimed Apostolic succession of the Vatican is a complete falsehood.

        In fact it is. And Rome has mobilized many «Church fathers» to establish and strengthen their Worldly powers, around the claim of a Holy see in Rome. This authority was given to them, and is still given them, by people who simply refuse to submit to Biblical authority.

  4. Hello my brothers and sisters in God’s One Human Family,

    Why are you fighting about loving the same God and enjoying a faith given to us though Abram and his eight sons?

    So many lives have been sacrificed to a God who hates human sacrifice.

    Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed did everything they could to teach us to live in the loving social contract called the 10 Commandments.

    If they could agree, why can’t we?

    So many little lies the evil one puts before us to destroy the beautiful world God created.

    Why are you playing the evil one’s game?

  5. Please, we must find out why we are fighting each other. We cannot simply back away because people are dying. I think we all love God, from what you have written. Maybe we have played the evil one’s game in ignorance. We are becoming elders. We must learn. We must keep talking.

    Maybe we can work to bring peace so the children can stop crying.

    To get us talking, look at my blogsite. There are some questions there that someone somewhere does not want us to discuss.

    We care. Yes?

    So, what did people teach you in hopes that you would live against God’s original covenant with Abram’s children. That is where we must begin.

    What were you taught?

    When I was little, I was taught that Allah is a different God. That is still taught where I live. I work to unteach that.

    What were you taught?

    1. Dear the New World order.

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      There can be no true peace outside the truth. There can be no true love outside of the truth. Jesus did not say He knew the truth. He said I am the truth.

      What you are promoting is man made wisdom. It does not stand scrutiny. The Koran has more than 140 Jihad verses, that encourage Muslims to cripple or kill people who do not believe the revelation from Muhammad. When you say Islam is a religion of peace, you deny the Koran. I guess that is what «moderate Muslims» are doing.

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