Gypsies in Italy to be forced into concentration camps

Italy’s «Nomad Plan» violates the housing rights of Roma in Rome.

The Romani people might be a lost Jewish tribe.

Amnesty International has called on the Italian authorities to review a controversial housing plan that has resulted in the forced eviction of hundreds of Roma and paves the way for thousands more over the coming months.

In a new briefing paper Amnesty International has warned that the program, which began in July 2009, violates the human rights of thousands of Roma.

The measures envisage the destruction of over 100 Roma settlements across the capital and an estimated 6,000 Roma are to be resettled into just 13 new or expanded camps on the outskirts of the city. The plan is likely to leave more than 1,000 Roma homeless.

Italy plans to carry on work the Nazis were not alowed to complete.

«These measures urgently need to be rethought. Roma families across the Italian capital now face losing their possessions, their social contacts, their access to work and to state services» said Ignacio Jovtis, Amnesty International’s expert on Italy.

«There is also a risk that if the plan is implemented it could be used as a blueprint for forced evictions in other Italian regions. Evictions without prior consultation and the offer of adequate alternative accommodation to all of those affected are a violation of their human rights».

Source: Amnesty International

My comment:

After working with the gypsies for the last three years, I have many times wondered If this tribal people are a lost Jewish tribe. They bear all the mark of being hunted down all over the World, as explained in Deuteronomy 28.

Nazi-Germany did not only persecute and slaughter recognized Jewish people. This satanic and evil regime also killed gypsies in their concentration camps.

While men do not know all of us who has Jewish blood in our vain, Satan knows who He wants to exterminate. When Italy now starts to depart gypsies, history repeats it self. What Fascist Italy did not managed to complete under Benito Mussolioni, might be fulfilled by Silvio Berlusconi.

And as during the reign of the Fascists, the Vatican keeps quiet.

9 thoughts on “Gypsies in Italy to be forced into concentration camps

  1. The holocaust was a terrible and horrible mark in the history of modern man. HOWEVER, the Jewish people are not as downtrodden as they would like the world to believe. They have flourished and thrived at various points in history. They are just as war like as any other human tribe, as seen in post WW2 history.

    To say that a group of people whose DNA is traced back to ancient India is RIDICULOUS at best.

  2. everybody is downtrodden and everyone is persecuted but i think it’s fair to say jews and gypsies probably the most but yes, they have thrived in various points in history. But it’s not ridiculous as you think it is that they are a lost Jewish tribe. What about the Kai-Feng Jews of China? and the Ethiopian ones? You clearly have not heard of the Mizrahim traced back to India, Pakistan, Yemen, and other stereotypically ‘Muslim’ countries. Indians and Arabs can be BIOLOGICAL Jews as well due to the Diaspora….

    1. It is possible that the Romani could be a lost tribe of Israel. But to say that the Romani and and Jewish people are the most persected people is, at least in my opinion an incorrect statement. If anything African blacks have been and still are the most persecuted and oppressed people- from the Arab Slave trade to the Great Atlantic Slave trade, lynchings, racism, segregation, disease, poverty, and scattering worldwide.

      1. Dear Rachel.

        Shalom, and welcome to this site.

        That the Roma and Jewish people are the most persecuted people of the World, does not exclude the Black people from the same club. This is not a competition.

        The white man of Europe have one a lot of crimes against humanity. Much evil has been done in the name of “Christianity”. Read Matthew 7:21-23, and rejoice. All kind of false Christianity will not stand on the day of the return of the Messiah. All evildoers will be thrown into the fire of Hell.

  3. @azaria:please do not make such ignorant statements online without any research.. indians are not biological jews as hinduism that majority of folks in india belong to is way older than judaesm, and the immigration of gypsies from india is very well supported by secular history, apart from this the grammatical structure of the roma language can be traced to no other country than india, the clothing, lifestyle, customs,etc included.. i think these posts should present views about their welfare today and not where they come from and make up imaginary stuff to support some religious belief..

  4. @rohan rathod-brother there are evidences and research work done behind this point of indians and arabs can be jewish people of the 12 lost tribe of israel… just google it and you ill get info… just that the indian Govt doesnt want to loose the majority of hindu vote banks had always avoided this point from coming to india.. many parts of the world know this. myself iam a Banjara(roma) in India.

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