Israeli Arab: Israel built on the ruins of the Palestinian people

We are accepting this Jewish state that was established on the ruins of our people.

Abit Kopty is an young Israeli Arab with political ambitions.

Abir Kopty, 34, a graduate of the University of Haifa, is a member of the Nazareth City Council and serves as a spokeswoman for the Palestinian government.

«I accepted the State of Israel. I just want it to finally recognize the injustice that was done to my people. It’s a very powerful thing that we are saying – we are accepting this state that was established on the ruins of our people, but we do not accept that it ignores its responsibility for this injustice. The moment they acknowledge the injustice, it will be possible to discuss how to amend it».

But how do you live with this injustice? Isn’t there anger? Isn’t there a desire to avenge it?

There’s a difference between someone who sits and cries and says they did such and such to me and someone who says, yes, this was done to me, but I want to do something with that. I want to be a partner in shaping policy, to feel that I belong, to be someone with resources in this country. I want to change the state for the benefit of us all – my struggle is feminist and socioeconomic, I’m not stuck on the Palestinian issue. I’m not whining and sitting on the side.

Where does the state of Israel not represent you?

In the occupation policy, in the settlement policy, in the policy of racism and discrimination. Eighty-percent unemployment among women; the many employers who do not hire Arabs. Hardly 4 percent of the development budget reaches the Arab local authorities.

Source: Israeli Daily, Haaretz.

My comment:

This winter I met  a Jewish lady who told me: « May be David Ben Gurion did the wrong thing in 1948. May be he should have told the Arabs to leave».

I told her that the two million Muslim Israeli Arabs that live as Israeli citizens, will forever be a proof that Israel is not a racist nation, not an Apartheid state.

This young Israeli Arab woman Abir Kopty do not know what foolishness she talks when she calls Israel a racist state. She her self is the best proof that she is a liar. There is a Palestinian people, and they have a state. Abir Kopty just have to apply for a citizenship in the Kingdom of Jordan.

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