While Muslim countries like Turkey and Tunisia have banned public use of Hijab, the Christian Peoples party in Norway rebukes those who wants to follow suit.

Islam has many times tried to invade Europe. Now with the support of a «Christian» party in Norway.

The Norwegian party (Kr.F) rebukes both Socialists and right wingers who wants to restrict the use of the female sign of submission to the Koran. The Hijab is a victory sign for male superiority over females in Islam, and make women subject to sharia laws.

For the Kr.F in Norway, this seems to be no problem. The followers of Muhammad and promoters of Sharia laws in Norway, shall be able to continue their destructive and anti-Liberty campaign. With the blessings of so-called Christians.

In a statement, the leadership in the party writes.

«The Norwegian parliament must mot ban «cloting» that some politician do not like. The state must not regulate the individuals right to freedom. The use of Hijab do not block the work of integration of Muslim youth in the Norwegian society. This kind of political attitude makes us comparable with regimes we would not like to be compared with».

Source: Norwegian Christian Daily «DagenMagazinet».

My comment:

There seems to be more common sense among secular people in Norway, than among the leadership in a party who claim to be «Christian».

To claim that promoters of Sharia law in Norway needs to be integrated in the Norwegian society, is correct. But so do also other criminals. But not before they have repented from their criminal activity.

Hijab is a symbol that can be compared to the swastika. The symbol of submission to the Nazi-ideology.

Should the use of such symbols also be permitted in Norway?

Is there any reason why people in Norway should not be allowed to were Swastika in public?

There is not much difference between the Sharia laws and the Nazi-laws instructions to how to deal with Jews. Simply: «kill them›.