The situation for the Christians in the region is distressing. We need to consider a boycott of Israel.

Bishop Jørgensen is willing to harm Israel, and needs to repent or perish

Bishop Tor Jørgensen goes on to tell the newspaper Nordland that the initiative to boycott Israeli goods comes from Christian Palestinians.

Jørgensen and the other Lutheran Bishops of Norway were on a journey to Jordan, Israel and «Palestine» in January. The Bishops received the so-called «Kairos-document» from the Arab Christians who recommends a boycott of Israel.

«I feel we have to reflect over their suggestion, even a boycott of goods and services from israel» says Bishop Jørgensen.

Source: Norwegian Christian Daily «DagenMagazinet».

My comment:

Last year 165.000 Christians were martyred, 80 per cent of them in Muslim countries.

Lutheran bishops of Norway will eventually harm their Jewish roots, on their way back to union with the Pope in Rome.

No Christian were martyred in Israel, the only nation in the Middle East who practice freedom of religion.

Why does Bishop Jørgensen not suggest a boycott of goods from Saudi Arabia?

This is the true racist Apartheid state in the Middle East, that since 1948 have banned even Jewish aircraft to fly over Saudi air space?

Why do men like Jørgensen feel Christians in the Middle East will get more freedom and justice under Islamic rule than under democratic rule in the state of Israel?

Bishops like Tor Jørgensen have deleted the promises in the Bible in regards to the Jewish people. That has made him an enemy of God of Israel. Jørgensen needs to repent or perish.