The Dubai-affair lead the city of Carrickmacross in Ireland to removed a page in the town council guest book with the name of the Israeli Ambassador to Ireland.

Welcome to Coleraine in Northern Ireland! The Mayor, Sandy Gilkinson, meets HE Israeli Ambassador Zion Evrony and wife Rita.

Irish Foreign Minister Micheal Martin has criticised an Irish town council’s decision to remove a page signed by the Israeli ambassador from its guestbook.

Carrickmacross representatives voted to remove Zion Evrony’s signature in protest at Israel’s diplomatic record. Mr Martin said diplomatic representatives should always be treated with respect.

But a local councillor defended the town’s decision, saying he hoped it would send a serious message to Israel.

«I think if a government is responsible for a wholesale disregard for international law then local authorities, as well as our own government, have a responsibility to tell them we expect a higher standard», Matt Carthy said.

He added that although Carrickmacross is a welcoming town, «It was important that we took a stand».

The council’s move follows reports that Irish passports were used by those allegedly behind the Dubai killing of Palestinian militant Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in January. Dubai’s police chief says he is convinced of the involvement of Israeli agents in al-Mabhouh’s death, but Israel says there is no proof.

Mr Martin said that while he understands and shares the «deep concerns» of many in Ireland about Israel’s policies on a number of issues, the action violated a basic tenet of relations between states.

«It is a basic principle of relations between states that we treat each other’s diplomatic representatives with civility and respect, regardless of any policy differences», he said. Mr Martin said he has raised concerns about the passport controversy during a meeting with Israel’s foreign minister last week.

He added: «Ambassadors represent not just their governments, but their peoples.The way that foreign ambassadors are welcomed and received in Ireland says something about us as a people».

Source: BBC

My comment:

If human right violations should be used as an excuse for not entertaining leaders and ambassadors of different nations, the United Nations should be dissolved. No name of any Islamic leader could ever be written into any guest book in Western Europe.

I do not know about Catholic Ireland, but in the civilized Christian world we are suppose to bless those who persecute us. To rip of a page with the signature of a guest from a guest book, is kiddish. It will not make any difference that the guest is a Jewish leader.

And in the spiritual World we have a perfect confirmation of a manifestation of an evil spirit, that hates the Jewish people and the state of Israel.

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