Sweden ban Israel and Hamas from seminar on Gaza in Stockholm

The Israeli Embassy in Stockholm regrets that an Israeli expert on the war in Gaza has been banned from a Swedish seminar about Israel and the Gaza-war.

These diplomats from Hamas was not invited to a seminar on Gaza in Stockholm. Neither were any representative from Israel.

The Seminar: «Gaza, International justice and responsibility» will be arranged in Stockholm without any Israeli expert being invited. When the Israeli Embassy in Stockholm offered Israeli participation, the request was declined.

The seminar is arranged by four organizations: Amnesty International, Diakonia, The peace centre of Olof Palme, and the the Church of Sweden.

The «Christian aid organization Diakonia has commented on the issue:

«It is correct that Israel is not going to participate in the seminar. Neither do Hamas, explains Joakim Wohlfell.

Source: Swedish Christian Daily, dagen.se.

My comment:

When a representative of a «Christian» aid organization and the Church of Sweden look up on Israel as equal with Hamas, some interesting conclusions have to been drawn.

The quartet in Sweden has just send out this message to the World:


It makes no difference to Sweden that Israel is a sovereign nation, and Hamas an organization that came to power in Gaza by murdering the representatives of the ruling PA-government in Ramallah.


Sweden was neutral during World War II. And Sweden is neutral today. It did not make any difference for the Swedish Christians if Nazi-Germany had won the war, and it will not make any difference for Sweden if Radical Islam manage to win the battle for the destruction of the state of Israel.


Israel must be silenced. There is no need to support, motivate and encourage the free and democratic forces in the Middle East, represented by the state of Israel.

One thought on “Sweden ban Israel and Hamas from seminar on Gaza in Stockholm

  1. why israel should be silenced? maybe the world should leave israel alone and stop make us a nazi that only kills arabs? look what happen in itamar… the brutal true

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