Israel Has Its faults, but Apartheid isn’t one of them

Google «Israel and apartheid» and you will see that the two are linked in cyberspace.

Richard Cohen, Washington Post

Yet the Israel of today and the South Africa of yesterday have almost nothing in common. Israeli Arabs, about one-fifth of the country, have the same civil and political rights as do Israeli Jews. Arabs sit in the Knesset. Whatever this is – and it looks suspiciously like a liberal democracy – it cannot be apartheid.

The West Bank is a different matter, but it is not part of Israel proper, and under every conceivable peace plan almost all of it will become a Palestinian state.

Yet Israel’s critics continue to hurl the apartheid epithet when they ought to know that it is a calumny. Interestingly, they do not use it for Saudi Arabia, which maintains as perfect a system of gender apartheid as can be imagined, or elsewhere in the Arab world, where Palestinians sometimes have fewer rights than they do in Israel.

Source: Richard Cohen, Washington Post

My comment:

The moment you write «West bank» you have already submitted to the United Nation and Islamic lies about Israel. The river Jordan was supposed to be the border line between the Kingdom of Jordan on the East side, and the state of Israel on the west side.

To allow Arabic forces to enter the hills of the districts of Judea and Samaria, would eventually lead to an Apartheid state. And Islamic one. Because like in Saudi Arabia and the majority of Islamic nations, the Jews will be treated like the black people in South Africa. In fact the Jews will get worse treatment. Based on a racist agenda they will be forced to leave, and this Jewish land ethnically cleansed for Jews.

To give this Jewish land into the hands of Hamas or any Fascist Islamic terrorist organization supported by Iran, will eventually lead to the destruction of the Jewish state of Israel. Only when Jerusalem is completely surrounded by armies, in its final moment, the Jewish people will be saved by the return of the Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth. Amen.

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