Hamas will never except Israel. Is there any chance for fire to co-exist with the water?

Mosab Hassan Yousef, found Jesus, and become a lover and supporter of Israel.

This is the words of Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of one of the Hamas group’s founding members.

Yousef, son of Sheikh Hassan Yousef, one of the most influential leaders of the militant group, said the organization betrays the Palestinian cause and tortures its own members.

Hamas, formed in the late 1980’s as an outgrowth of the Palestinian branch of the radical Muslim Brotherhood. It is considered a terror organization by the U.S. government. Hamas seized power in the Gaza strip in 2007 in a violent coup against the more moderate Palestinian Authority led by Mahmoud Abbas.

«Islam is not the word of God»,
said Yousef. «If you want to be offended it’s your problem. But you know something? Go study. Think for a second that I might be right. So wake up, look at your path, see where you’re going. Are you really going to heaven with 72 virgins after you kill yourself and kill another 20 people?»

Yousef has sought asylum in the United States and now attends an evangelical Christian church in San Diego, Calif.

«The Hamas leadership, including my father, they’re responsible for all the violence that happened from the organization. I know they describe it as reaction to Israeli aggression, but still, they are part of it and they had to make decisions in those operations against Israel (for) which there was the killing of many civilians»

Source: Fox News.

My comment:

The leftist Israeli daily Haartez has published intimidating articles about this young Christian, claiming he was a spy for Israel. The Israeli paper knows that Mosab Hassan Yousef can not defend him self on any issue linked to the nature of his possible contacts with Shin Bet or Mossad.

This Hamas leader did not convert to Judaism, and asked for asylum in Israel. It is hardly unlikely that He was a spy for Israel before he found Jesus. And after His encounter with the living God, He would rather pray and work for the salvation of his own people, than seeing them die in battles not saved.

Evangelical followers of Jesus do not kill their enemies. They pray for their enemies, and blesses those who persecute them.

I guess its challenging for both Muslims and Jews to see this former Jew-hater becoming a follower of Jesus?