EU High Court will soon make Jews in East Jerusalem stateless

The EU High Court denies Israeli jurisdiction over Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria. A fresh court verdict will also harm Jewish companies in East Jerusalem.

The former EU commissioner for Foreign Affairs Javier Solana wants the EU to force Israel to give Mahmoud Abbas East Jerusalem as soon as possible.

Both the state of Israel and the PA government in Ramallah have trade agreement with the European Union. But the The European Union’s high court ruled Thursday that products that Israeli companies make in the West Bank are subject to import duties. Because the court does not consider such territory to be neither under the jurisdiction of Israel nor the Palestinian Authority.

Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said Israel had no immediate comment on the EU court ruling.

Israel’s military maintains control over the territory, which is home to many Palestinians and Israeli settlements. Israeli companies located in the settlements produce many products there, including cookies and pretzels, wines and cosmetics and computer equipment.

Since Palestinians have few job opportunities in the Palestinian-controlled areas of the West Bank, jobs in settlement factories are sought after. Still, pro-Palestinian groups in Europe are likely to be pleased by Thursday’s ruling because they regularly protest in European supermarkets to complain about «Made in Israel»

Source: Jerusalem Post.

The EU High court is doing grave injustice to the Jewish settlers. Because the court have made them stateless.

Is quit unique that a High Court goes against the national sovereignty of the free and democratic state of Israel.

I can not recall, that any area people on Planet Earth ever have been called stateless in their own homeland. Zionist have been banded as racist, and the government of Israel have been falsely accused of building an Apartheid state. But never before has Israel been accused by judges, for making their own Jewish people homeless occupiers, that must be removed to get peace in the Middle East.

The EU´s ongoing effort to delegitimize the state of Israel just took a turn for the worse for the Jewish people.

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