Israel did a «clean» job with Hamas terrorist

Mahmoud al-Mabhouh was a combatant at war. Not a civilian. He was taken out quietly, and no one else got killed or hurt.

Mahmoud al-Mabhouh met his match in Mossad. Secretly and quiet an Islamic terrorist was brought to silence.

Hamas senior military commander Mahmoud al-Mabhouh was a terrorist commander on a mission to acquire Iranian weapons for use against civilians. He was a combatant.

Unlike his victims, he was fair game. In Dubai, he was taken out quietly without harming any of the civilians around him. If only Israel could fight all its battles this way. It would be the cleanest and least-deadly war in the history of warfare.

Will anyone miss this man?

It’s always better to take out a high-level target in person whenever possible than with a blockbuster bomb from a distance. I can’t help but wonder if those griping about the recent hit in Dubai care less about the lives of real human beings than the latest excuse to bash Israel.

If the Arab-Israeli conflict will continue – and it will continue – civilians on both sides should prefer that combatants be taken off the board quietly while everyone else goes about their daily business in peace.

Source: Commentary magazine, letter by Michael J. Totten.

My comment:

We have no one to lose, and I wish this Islamic terrorist had repented from his wicked ways. Jesus the Messiah warned us. There will be many children of the devil around us. Few will find the path that leads to the narrow door. Broad is the road that leads to death and destructions, and many shall chose that road.

Lets pray for the Mossad agents,that the Messiah Jesus will bring them to repentance and save them. Amen.

Link to the source: Click here

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