Mahmoud Abbas presides over a criminal syndicate posing as a government. And rather than arrest his corrupt, criminal associates, Abbas promoted them.

Mahmoud Abbas gets his cash from the White House and the European Union.

This is a statement by Caroline Glick, senior commentator in Jerusalem Post.

Working for PA head Mahmoud Abbas and GIS commander Tawfik Tirawi, Fahmi Shabaneh was tasked with investigating Arab Jerusalemites suspected of selling land to Jews. Such sales are a capital offense in the PA. Since 1994 scores of Arabs have been the victims of extrajudicial executions after having been fingered by the likes of Shabaneh.

Shabaneh collected massive amounts of information on senior PA officials detailing their illegal activities. These activities included the theft of hundreds of millions of dollars in international aid; illegal seizure of land and homes; and monetary and sexual extortion of their fellow Palestinians.

In the election f 2005, Abbas ran on an anti-corruption platform. Shabaneh’s information demonstrated that Abbas presided over a criminal syndicate posing as a government. And yet rather than arrest his corrupt, criminal associates, Abbas promoted them.

Since Abbas has been deemed irreplaceable, the same West that turns a blind eye to his corruption, and refuses to criticize his encouragement of terrorism. And this makes sense. How can the West question the only thing standing in the way of a Hamas takeover of Judea and Samaria?

If Shabaneh’shad been talking about Israelis, officials from Washington to Brussels to the UN would be loudly calling for official investigations. But since he was talking about the Palestinians, no one cared.

The State Department had nothing to say. The EU had nothing to say.

As for Abbas and his cronies, they were quick to blame the Jews. They accused Shabaneh, their trusted henchman when it came to land sales to Jews, of being an Israeli agent.

As for the Western media, their lack of interest in Shabaneh’s revelation serves as a reminder of just how mendacious much of the reportage about the Palestinians and Israel is. For 16 years, the American and European media have turned blind eyes to Palestinian misbehavior while expansively reporting every allegation against Israel – no matter how flimsy or obviously false. When the history of the media’s coverage of the Middle East is written it will constitute one of the darkest chapters in Western media history.

Source: Column One, Jerusalem Post.