The Arab Palestinians do not want a state but Israel

The Islamic forces behind the so-called Palestinians do not want a state. They just want to destroy Israel.

Caroline Glick do not trust the Arab Palestinian leadership, who work for the destruction of the state of Israel.

This is s statement by Caroline Glick, who is a senior contributing Editor to the Jerusalem Post.

She feels that the political agenda behind the peace process in the Middle East, is seriously flawed.

Their actions and their behavior over the past 60 years has mad it fairly clear. Every time they had the opportunity to establish a state, they refused it. Instead they opted for war against Israel, or raised condition for a statehood that the government of Israel never ever will be able to accept. Basically preventing any kind of Palestinian statehood from existing.

Because if they have an exceptance from Israel, spotlight internationally, they will perhaps lose their International support, perhaps use the vacuum they now have to launch a new war against Israel.

Time is not working in our favor, with this continuing maintenance of the legion of a two-state solution. Because its fuel the diplomatic warfare against Israel, that adds to the support of those who wants to delegitimize the Jewish state or criminalize our military. And to make it literary impossible for the Israeli leaders to defend our national interest, our territory and our people.

The forces behind this war is getting stronger. For the first time, they have a good alley in the White House in Washington. This is not a good situation for Israel. The Islamic Jihad launched against Israel demands men and women to blow them self up. This war is fundamentally perverted.

Source: Jerusalem Post, web-TV.

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