People have no idea what Israel has offered to get peace

Journalists, academics, and politicians. Your views of Israel is more than 20 years out of date.

Israel wants peace. 30 years ago the Jews made a peace agreement with Egypt. It is still respected by both sides.

This is a statement you can read on the news service from Jerusalem Gift shop. This is a slightly edited version.

In 2010 many people have no idea what Israel actually offered in the 1990s’ peace process, or at the Camp David summit in 2000. They have no knowledge of what President Bill Clinton offered with Israel’s agreement in December 2000, or what Prime Minister Ehud Olmert proffered in 2008. Neither to they know that the current Israeli government’s peace offer in 2010.

All proposed the creation of an independent Palestinian state, the first three in close to 100 percent and the last three as equivalent to 100 percent (with some small, equal land swaps) in size to the pre-1967 West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Lacking any knowledge of these offers, or at least knowing only very distorted ones, they can maintain that Israel has offered «nothing». Therefore the continuation of the conflict is not due to Palestinian intransigence, but Israel’s alleged opposition to the creation of a real independent Palestinian state.

This reminds me of how Mahmoud Abbas, today leader of the Palestinian Authority, responded to some reasonably accurate descriptions in the Palestinian media of what Israel offered in 2000 at Camp David. It is better, he said at the time, not to talk about these things at all, presumably lest some Palestinians might think that it was a reasonable deal.

Often, as noted above, their understanding of Israeli views is more than 20 years out of date.

But the Palestinians especially and these Westerners generally know even less about Israel’s own demands, which is not surprising since they are never explained in the Arabic-language media and virtually never mentioned in the Western media.

These include security guarantees, non-militarization of a Palestinian state, an end to the conflict, and the resettlement of Palestinian refugees in Palestine.

The above observations can produce a simple definition of the difference between moderates and radicals. The radicals, both among the Palestinians and their Western sympathizers, know, even if they pretend otherwise, that they want all the land from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea along with Israel’s elimination.

This is true whether they seek it through a two-stage process, the dispatch of a million or two Palestinians to Israel in a peace agreement, a one-state solution, or a temporary binational state.

Source: Jerusalem gift shop.

Link to the mother article: Click here

2 thoughts on “People have no idea what Israel has offered to get peace

    1. Dear Benn.


      I have a story on her comments tomorrow. There are something very good about her comment, and something that raises the alarm in my mind….

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