Obama omits «Islam» from the war against «violent extemists»

The US President will no longer fight those who kill in the name of «Allah». Words like «Islam» and «Islamic» is omitted from the latest homeland security strategy report.

President Obama bows down before the King of Saudi Arabia, and receive and Islamic honorable title and medal.

The 108-page Quadrennial Homeland Security Review, made public last week by the Department of Homeland Security, uses the term «terrorist» a total of 66 times,

Tthe Obama administration describe the nation’s terrorist enemies in a number of ways but fail to mention the words Islam, Islamic or Islamist.

Instead, the guide urges policymakers to use terms such as «violent extremists», «totalitarian» and «death cult» to characterize al Qaeda and other terrorist groups.

Source: The Washington Times

My comment:

What Barack Hussein Obama is doing is to confuse us wbout who the enemy is. When people shout «Allah is great» and blew up them self and others, we are spaking about Muslim terrorists.

In bed with the enemy. President Obama and King Abdullah soon to be fighting Zionists branded as «violent extremists»

The problem is that the US President went to Cairo to support this religion, caling it a great gift to civilisation.

What Obama here is doing, is opening up for fighting other religions than Islam. Like Judaism. Its not a secret that many Jewish settlers in Judea and Samaria are heavely armed, and ready to fight for their Jewish homeland in pure self defense. Soon Obama will brand the Jewish settlers as «violent exremist».

That Obama wants to fight «death cults», will also hit evangelical Christianity. Because followers of Jesus preach about eternal life beyond death. They claim a Jewish rabbi called «Y´shua» has rissen from the dead, and that His followers should renounced this present World as evil, and rather obey God than political leaders like Obama.

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