Danny Ayalon: Israeli Arabs free to shift to Arab Palestine

Lands swap Jewish settlements and Arab villages, and create two states. Israeli Arabs can chose which state they want to live in.

Danny Ayalon wants to swap Arab villages with Jewish settlements and create two seperate states.

This was suggested by Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon in an interview published Saturday. The idea of a land swap of Jewish settlements and Arabic villages is not new, but again raises questions about how Israeli Arabs view the so-called «peace process».

«Israeli Arabs would not lose anything by joining the Palestinian state as part of a land swap. If Israeli Arabs say that they are proud Palestinians, why should they not be proud in the Palestinian state?», Ayalon said. He added that this population could contribute to building the Palestinian state due to their high socioeconomic status.

Israel and a future Palestinian state should agree to land swaps which would make settlement blocks part of Israel proper and in return make certain Arab towns part of Palestine.

Danny Ayalon feels the land for peace process needs some fresh thoughts.

«I think the claim that the settlements are an obstacle to peace is exaggerated», he said. «We have proven in the past that settlements do not affect the end results, and examples of this are the evacuation of Sinai and dismantling of the Yamit settlement carried out by Ariel Sharon, as well as the disengagement from the Gaza Strip and the dismantling of the settlements there in 2005 by the Likud government led by Sharon».

Source: London-based Arab newspaper Asharq-Alawsat.

My comment:

Some Israelis feel that The Israeli Arabs are a potential fifth column. The suggestion from Danny Ayalon will silence Arab Muslims who criticizes the state of Israel. If they think Islamic rule is a better governance than a Zionistic, there might soon be a preferred alternative in which they can settle. Because a mix of these to radical opposite rules is not possible to manage. A mix will never bring peace.

A Jewish lady told me: May be David Ben-Gurion should not have requested them to stay in 1948. Than we would have had lesser problems today.

I voiced my disagreement. The Jewish state has proven its superiority over its Arab neighbors by not being racist, by tot not ending up as an Apartheid state. You should thank God of Israel for giving secular Ben-Gurion this wisdom at a critical moment,.

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