Nothing will work with Israel except jihad, including boycotting all of its media networks and cultural activities.

The Saudi lawyer is an educated man. Still He listen to an evil spirit that hates Israel.

This is a statement of Saudi lawyer Dr. Mohammad al-Nujaimi, on a Saudi Arabian newspaper web-site. He is rebuking Saudi scholar Mohasen al-Awaji, who would like to appear on Israeli-TV, to «help counter Israel propaganda».

«Appearing on their television channels will be effective and allow us to reach a wider audience. At the same time it will show the Zionists that we are willing to talk to them on their own ground», al-Awaji, said.

Dr. Mohammad al-Nujaimi is upset with his fellow «moderate» Sunni Muslim.

«Al-Awaji’s call goes against all the fatwas that normalization with Israel in all its forms – politically, economically, socially and in terms of media. «It is not permissible at all». Al-Nujaimi said nothing will work with Israel except jihad, including boycotting all of its media networks and cultural activities.

Al-Awaji told Arab News that he is impressed and delighted at the negative response. He said it drove home the fact «that this foreign body among us is not accepted».

Source: Arab News-Saudi Arabia.

My comment:

The so-called «modearate» Muslims have again spoken what their heart is full off: Hate towards the Jewish people and the state of Israel.

The term «moderate Muslims» is only existing in the minds of Western Politicians and International Media. The economical, cultural and social boycott of Israel is an ongoing racists campaign, that started in Saudi Arabia in 1948. This racist stand towards Jews became the policy of the Arab League. Today anti-Zionism is the political correct viewpoint in the United Nations, the outspoken solution to almost all World problems.

With a US President who has bowed down to the King of Saudi Arabia, anti-Zionist viewpoints will more than likely become the official viewpoints of the US State Department.  Obama has already expressed that  «sanctions» on Israel will follow, if Israel fails to implement the Saudi peace plan for the Middle East. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netayahu has already partly bowed down to US Pressure, and displayed solid disagreement with his own Foreign Minister and Jewish settlers in Judea and Samaria.

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