Mullen: Israel has promised Obama not to strike Iran

US Admiral Mullen said he received an assurance from IDF Gerneral Gabi Ashkenazi several weeks ago that «the Israeli leadership has been in support of President Obama’s outreach [to Teheran] to see if this will work».

Obama sent Admiral Mullen to Israel to bring the Jews into the «peace plan». US Defense Minister Robert Gates listens.

The leadership in Israel has been pressurized to follow US President Obama`s plan of how to deal with Iran. This was confirmed at a press-conference on Sunday at the US Embassy in Tel Aviv, attended by the US Joint Chief of staff, Admiral Michael G. Mullen.

The admiral arrived on Sunday for a three-day visit, meeting with the IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi and other senior security officials.

«“I’ve also been clear, them getting a weapon and/or the outbreak of a conflict would be a big, big problem for all of us. And I worry a great deal about the unintended consequences of a strike, that are pretty hard to be specific about in a pretty volatile region that’s pretty hard to predict».

Responding to a question about when Iran could acquire a nuclear bomb, Mullen said, « wouldn’t pick a specific date. The window we talked about is one to three years»

Mullen said he received an assurance from Ashkenazi several weeks ago that «the Israeli leadership has been in support of President Obama’s outreach [to Teheran] to see if this will work».

Source: Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

Israel shall be forced to sign a peace deal with both Saudi Arabia and Tehran. That is the Middle East strategy of Barack Hussein Obama.

With this motivation in mind, the worst thing that can happen, is not more Islamic military pressure on Israel. The Obama promoted Saudi peace plan can only be derailed by Jewish settlers not being willing to submit to the peace conditions.

Because Obama has bet with his staff that even Iran will back off the moment the Jews give up Zionism, and give the promised homeland back under Islamic control.

Tehran agrees that the moment the IDF and Jewish settlers are out of Judea and Samaria, Islamic rocket launchers can and will be moved up on the Mountains of Zion. From there they can see Tel Aviv, and continue their terrorism with sporadic fire into the Jewish heartland and David Ben-Gurion airport.

When the Jewish settlers are moved back beyond the cease fire lines from before the 1967 war, a lesser Israel will get back inside the «Auswitch lines». The Jewish people will be confined to a land area from where the «Pan Islamic movement» feel they can easily genocide the Jewish people, and «traitor Israeli Arabs» who chose to stay behind to support Israel in 1948.

The only miss calculation done, is to forget the promises God of the Bible has given the Jewish people, religious and secular alike. That they in their disbelief and sins still are His chosen people. He promised to love them with an everlasting love. The Messiah Jesus of Nazareth will be a «spoil spot» in the Global Islamic party on the assured day of His return. He is the only savior of Israel.

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