Irish UN-officer defend Hamas and taint Israel as evil

Hamas never fired rockets out of mosques, and hardly fired any at Israel.

Irish Colonel Desmond Travers standing behind judge Richard Goldstone in Gaza press conferance.

These are statements by retired Irish Army officer Colonel Desmond Travers. He was a part of the Goldstone commission, sent by United Nations to investigate accusation of war crimes during the last Gaza war.

The Irish Colonel has given misleading public statements in regards to Operation Cast Lead. The Irishman is exposed in a new report compiled by Lt. Col. (res.) Jonathan Dahoah-Halevi.

This is the most spectacular statement by the Irish colonel:

«Hamas fired only two rockets at Israel prior to last winter’s conflict».

Colonel Desmond Travers ignores the fact that in three days alone during the month before the IDF campaign, Hamas had fired 32 rockets at Israel. Even according to a Hamas spokesmen, Hamas had resolved to end the cease-fire.

Travers has also rejected any possibility that Hamas had been using mosques to hide weapons. This despite Israel’s evidence to the contrary and the testimony of British army Col. Tim Collins, who visited Gaza and found clear signs that a mosque had been used for this purpose.

Travers has also given an interview in which he accused Israel of murdering many Irish soldiers of the UNIFIL contingent in South Lebanon, and charged that «Britain’s foreign policy interests in the Middle East seem to be influenced strongly by Jewish lobbyists».

Source: Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.

My comment:

Colonel Desmond Travers has served the army in the Catholic republic of Ireland.  You can not expect any objective reporting on the IDF from an Irish «papist».

To deny that it was rockets fired into Israel that triggered the Gaza military operation is outrageous. Even a six year old child that watch CNN, could have told you that this Irishman is a liar.

That He is a United Nation sponsored liar does not make any difference.

2 thoughts on “Irish UN-officer defend Hamas and taint Israel as evil

  1. From reading the above responses, the pro israeli rhetoric that has been spewed forth make no mention of the atrocity of using White Phosphorus in closely compact civilian areas by israelis or the fact that there is a complete lack of adherence to international law when it comes to land reclamation of land that does not belong to them. Or the basic needs of supplies for reconstruction of Palestinian infrastructure which have been unlawfully blockaded by the jewish state and Egypt. There seems to be a severe case of racism on the part of the jews against the Palestinian people. 1,400 Palestinians killed in the last conflict. Israel deserve nothing better then to be all charged with War Crimes and Genocide. Totally despicable

  2. I found Col Trevors’ statement about only two rockets being fired to be rather wrong, but where is the record of the actual number of rockets that were fired (there should be actual reports of the impact of each of the rockets – that then could be used to impeach the retired colonel’s statement. Please, write me at if you have such information. Thank you.

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