The Pope gets the booth by reformers in Costa Rica

500 years after the reformation, a wind of religious freedom strikes Costa Rica. Now protestant Christians can become teachers in religion.

The Pope has to find another place to lay his hat, than in public schools in Costa Rica.

CNA yesterday reported that Costa Rica’s Constitutional Court, by a vote of 4-3, struck down the agreement between the Catholic Church and the government. This agreement has given the Bishop’s Conference of Costa Rica the right to approve teachers of Catholic religion in public schools.

The arrangement, which allowed the Church to reject a teacher on moral grounds as well as knowledge of religion, was seen by those challenging it as an intrusion by bishops into affairs of the public schools.

Source Catholic News Agency (CNA)

My comment:

While Northern Europe got rid of the Papal yoke 500 years ago, the reformation did not come to Spanish Costa Rica before 2010.

It is easy to forget the Spain remained a Catholic Fascist dictatorship up to the year 1974. Slowly the Fascist grip is loosening also over Catholic Latin America

No doubt that Latin America has suffered a lot. Even after Latino colonialism ended, the American hispanish people have been under the yoke of religious dictatorship and monopoly.

Today there is rejoicing in Heaven over what has happened in Costa Rica.

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